Mustang Reigns Supreme at Stick Shift Drag Event in North Carolina

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GM doesn’t stand a chance at the all-manual Shackmania 2019, as a large Mustang conglomerate dominates to the end.

As much as we hate to admit it, we’re living in an automatic world. While serious drag racers have long known the benefits of the slush box, the manual transmission has traditionally remained the preferred choice outside of bracket racing. But now, as tranny technology has advanced to the point where they’re clearly the superior (read:faster) choice, even weekend warriors are eschewing manuals. Thankfully, however, there are still a bunch of manual Mustang fans out there keeping it real.

Quite a few of those old schoolers showed up for ShackMania 2019 recently, which took place at Shadyside Dragway in North Carolina. And as we see in this killer video from streetoctane, the manner of racing that takes place here is as traditional as the cars who duked it out. In this event, it was all about who crossed the finish line first. Nothing else mattered, which is exactly the way we like it. The fact that a large percentage of participants drove a Mustang? Well, that makes it even better.

Mustang ShackMania 2019

Even on a fully prepped track, these killer rides get a little squirrelley as the drivers go all-out for the ultimate prize. And the cars represented here cover the spectrum of Mustang performance, too. There are plenty of Fox Bodys, of course. But also an SN95 for good measure. In the end, the Fox conglomerate reigns supreme, taking down a number of GM rides on their way up the charts.

Mustang ShackMania 2019

At the end of the day, this thrilling shootout ends with a heavily turbo’d SN95 taking on a Fox. It’s a killer race as the Fox jumps out and looks like it has it in the bag. But the yellow SN overtakes him right at the end. It’s an awesome finish for an awesome event, and one that we couldn’t have possibly written a better end to.

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