Mustang Rolls Into a Starbucks, Literally

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Falling Asleep at the Wheel Can Be a Dangerous Problem, Even Near a Starbucks

While it might not cause as many accidents as driving intoxicated or being distracted by a cell phone, falling asleep at the wheel is quite dangerous. A Mustang driver in Texas recently learned that the hard way.

The incident occurred in San Angelo, Texas, when the driver of the Mustang shown here fell asleep at the wheel, and rolled the 2007 pony car. Fortunately, according to San Angelo Live!, the driver walked away with a few minor scrapes and scratches, and wasn’t seriously injured.

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The irony of the situation is that the accident occurred near the local Starbucks. Maybe the driver was on the way to get an influx of caffeine? Too bad they didn’t make it in time.

Many new cars come with sensors to help determine if the driver is getting drowsy or not. They work by monitoring steering wheel input. We’re constantly making tiny corrections when we drive, and when that stops, the car assumes we’re getting sleepy — or driving distracted — and throws up a warning.

Would something like that have been helpful here? It’s hard to say. But either way, the lesson to be learned is that if you are feeling sleepy, make sure you pull over and get some rest. It’s not worth risking your car, or your life, for that matter.

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