Mustang Wheels to Fit your Budget

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Mustang wheels are among the most distinctive parts of any
Mustang vehicle. Ford’s Mustang is a sleek, stylish car that has class
and sophistication in its aesthetic, and selecting the appropriate
wheels for the vehicle is crucial in order to maintain the cool look and
appearance of the vehicle. If you are looking to purchase new rims,
tires or wheels for your Mustang, you should first consider your budget.
This will help you to determine the total price of wheels that you’re
willing and able to afford. You can then compare different brands and
specs for a sense of which wheels meet your needs and desires the most.
Read on for a brief overview of some of the most popular Mustang wheels,
broken down according to the budget and price.

Under $200

While Mustang wheels are available for less than $200 each, it’s
generally advised that you stay away from these products. In all
likelihood, the wheels that are already on your Mustang and which come
directly from the manufacturer are quite a bit nicer than these wheels
anyway. However, many people do opt to keep a backup set of wheels that
are of lower quality, just in case they are necessary as replacements.
The OEM Mustang wheel that falls into this category is a good example of
a functional but unattractive wheel that has no personality or style.
The wheel is also much smaller than most others, sitting at 15 inches
across. Other wheels, like the FR500, sacrifice some stability for a
slightly more attractive image.


In the middle range of wheel prices for Mustangs, you can find a
wider array of more attractive options. These include chrome wheels that
have a better shine to them than cheaper wheelwells will. The Bullit
Deep Dish wheels are a great value, priced at around $250 each, if
you’re looking for a flashy set of wheels. Unfortunately, these don’t
have the same structural stability of more expensive wheels. On the
higher end of this spectrum, Roush Mustang chrome wheels are even more
stylish and also providea  better stability.

Above $500

Wheels that are above $500 each are generally considered to be very
good choices for a Mustang. Unfortunately, this doesn’t fit into many
budgets. However, if you own a Mustang already, it’s likely that the
cost of the vehicle so far outweighs the cost of these wheels that
you’re more likely to be able to afford them. Black chrome wheels like
the Saleen Cobras are large (18 inches across), sturdy, and able to keep
up with the performance demands of the Mustang with ease. These retail
for around $1200 apiece. The most expensive wheels, generally priced
over $1500 each, are made from aluminum, which is durable and light.
However, these wheels are oftentimes overrated in terms of their quality
of performance, and you may find that the difference between $500
wheels and $1500 wheels is not substantial.

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