Mustang with a Mitsu Motor: Badass or Blasphemy?

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Phillip Ferrini
The Mustang Source

I’ve seen a ton of Imports with Domestic V8 swaps, but rarely do you see a Muscle Car with an import four cylinder swap, let alone a fast one! But the DSM 4G63 motor is an infamous beast that is synonymous with serious power. So as much as it’s taboo, when you look at its reliability, lack of weight and performance capabilities it certainly makes sense, especially stuffed in a lightweight rear-wheel drive chassis! How much sense? How about 10.05 @ 135 MPH on low boost! The Fox has a Powerglide transmission with a trans brake and 1.76 first along with 3.73 rear gears and a 28″ tall tire. It isn’t mainstream, but it sure gets the job done.

What do you think, badass or blasphemy?

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