‘Need for Speed’ Stalling in U.S.

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Evidently, not as many “Need for Speed” gamers in the U.S. were ready to dish out cash to see an actual movie adaptation of the video game.

The Dreamworks film, which opened this weekend and featured a Shelby GT500 as the hero car, only brought in about $18 million domestically in the US market on a $60 million plus budget.

Tag on the marketing costs, and the potential domestic box office success of the film gets even more dismal.

“Need for Speed” did, however, pull in an estimated $66 million overseas, which included roughly $21 million in China. The film, which stars Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul at the wheel of the Mustang, only scored a 24 percent rating on the top aggregate film critic site, Rotten Tomatoes.

Maybe it’s a sign that while overseas gamers might buy into the idea of seeing their hero cars on the big screen, Americans aren’t too keen on the idea.

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