Nitrous Fox Body Smashes Competition at ‘No Time’ Race in Florida

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When money is on the line in N/T racing, winner takes all and the losers won’t ever know what hit them. 

For those who aren’t familiar, grudge racing essentially involves two cars that go head to head without knowing details about each other’s cars and placing bets accordingly on whomever they think is fastest. As you might imagine, this type of interaction begins with a lot of talking, hyping-up, and bragging and ends in either heartbreak and joy. No-time events, or “N/T” races, follow this same idea.

The name originates from the fact that no time is announced or displayed on the scoreboards by staff. This leads to the participating car’s abilities to be only known by the visual aspect displayed by their run, the car itself, and nothing else. This also means that usually the two cars that are about to battle it out are decided by chance as there is no method for qualification.Evidently, secrecy is the name of the game here and these racers take that aspect very seriously. That’s because when money is on the line, setup means everything. This video is brought to us by popular drag racing channel, nyce1s, which shows a obviously purpose-built nitrous Foxbody Mustang by Anthony Amato starting off with the a quick test and tune to ensure that they can perform at next day’s no-time or “N/T” event.

Bottled-out Fox Body

Everything seemingly goes well during test and the Fox Body proceeds to attend. We would love to tell you what this car has under the hood, but that’s the whole fun in the game, nobody except the driver and his team knows the details. Thus, the only real question is, who will be willing to put their money up against them?

Bottle-out Fox Body

This sport really is a blind bet, pure unfiltered gambling. We know a lot less than we do know. However, what we do know is that this Fox Body will be competing in the 28/29 Inch tire shootout, so every other competitor will at least have the same size tires. What follows is this Foxbody beating two different Camaros and another turbo-six cylinder Foxbody with relative ease. The bets are just as undisclosed as the cars themselves. We don’t know about you guys, but our money is on the red Fox Body.

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