Of Kings and Rebels: Nitrous Fed GT500 VS Turbo LSX Fox Body

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It’s easy to paint this video as a tale of good versus evil.

On the one hand, you have a classic ’67 GT500. It’s a gorgeous car and a classic. This car is the one that cemented the Mustang into automotive history as a monstrous performance machine. It’s 2012 and people are still out there racing them on the street. It’s deserving of reverence and respect.

… And then you have the dark horse. The car is a fox body, but it’s a traitorous beast. Under the hood is a turbo charged 383 LSX. If there was any engine that you could count as a rival to the Mustang, it’d be the LS. For good reason too. They’re light, easy to mod, and respond extremely well to turbochraging. It should suffice to say that it’s a great match for the fox body. Even if it is evil.

Who will win? Will it be the classic mustang, the torchbearer of all things blue oval? Or will it be the wolf in Ford clothing? Only one way to find out.

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