Party Crasher Camaro Gets Towed From Mustang Anniversary Event

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Camaro towed at Mustang 50th Birthday Party

There are certain rules everyone should know, some of which include: chew with your mouth closed, leave a one-urinal buffer zone, never bring a knife to a gun fight and never, EVER bring a Camaro to a Mustang party.

That important tenet of life was broken last week at the Mustang’s 50th Birthday Party in Charlotte, North Carolina. “SvntyStang“, who uploaded the video to YouTube, says some admirer of the bowtie pony car wanted to play a practical joke on Mustang fans by crashing the birthday party with a fourth-gen Camaro. The joke backfired like a tired Chevy small block when the Camaro convertible was promptly towed away.

See the full story over on The Mustang Source!

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