Patrick Dempsey Saves Boy From Mustang Crash

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Every time we come across news about Patrick Dempsey, it’s always about him doing something cool. Most of the time it’s his exceptionally coiffed hair and motorsport hijinks that make headlines, but this time his praise is a little more deserved. 
Seventeen year-old Weston Masset flipped his Mustang on the curvy canyon roads of Malibu, California last week. Lucky for him, Dempsey heard the crash from his home nearby and came running to rescue with crowbar and fire extinguisher in hand. Dempsey helped remove Masset from the car and stayed with him until the paramedics arrived. 
Even in the midst of a concussion and eye injury, Masset was able to recognize the star and asked “Are you famous?” 
Of course, Dempsey replied “I’m a doctor.”
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