Prerunner Mustang Trades Drag Radials For Mud Tires

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Prerunner Mustang Trades Drag Radials For Mud Tires

There may not be many better uses for V6 Mustangs but they deserve better than this.

Fans of classic, air-cooled Porsche 911s have suffered through the “Safari” trend these past few years. A perfectly good car will be fitted with tubular bumpers, vestigial skid plates, some auxiliary lights, a mild lift, and big, knobby tires. The owners will typically pose for a few shots on the sand and that’s that.

Apparently, this trend has extended beyond the world of high-dollar classic Porsches. This Bright Atlantic Blue 1998 Ford Mustang Coupe, offered for sale on Craigslist in Loomis, California, is the trend’s latest victim.

Prerunner Mustang Trades Drag Radials For Mud Tires

True to form, this Mustang wears a lift, monster tires, tubular bumpers, skid plates, and an assortment of light bars. There’s even a rear tire carrier.

The seller claims that they are an experienced mechanic. It makes us wonder why they chose a Mustang powered by the notoriously wheezy 3.8 liter V6 as the basis for their project. According to them, they started this project several years ago. At that time, SN95 GTs were still remarkably cheap. On the other hand, we’re glad that they didn’t ruin a GT for this silly project.

Prerunner Mustang Trades Drag Radials For Mud Tires

Thankfully, the notoriously weak 7.5″ rear axle was swapped for an 8.8 from a contemporary GT or SVT Cobra. The clutch was recently replaced, and there’s an auxiliary fuel tank in the trunk.

While we may not be too keen on this car, the owner seems to love it. They’ve apparently traveled cross-country with it on a few occasions. It begs the question of why they’re selling their (thankfully) one-of-a-kind creation.

Prerunner Mustang Trades Drag Radials For Mud Tires

Apparently, the Mustang has been replaced by a four-wheel drive Ford Crown Victoria for further off-road adventures. We won’t deny that four wheel drive beats two wheel drive once you get off the beaten path.

One of the photos shows the Mustang towing a classic hot rod on a trailer. That may explain the clutch replacement. We really have to wonder if this guy knows that trucks exist.

So what do you think? Is this an unholy abomination, or is it something that you’d drive? Be sure to let us know in our forum!

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