Press Release: New Mustang With New Powertrains in High Demand

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The new 2011 Ford Mustang with all-new powertrains has  three times
more orders than the 2010 model in its first month, and half of all
nationwide orders are for the car’s class-leading 30 mpg 3.7-liter V-6

“Fuel economy ranks among the top two reasons people choose
vehicles,” said Steve Ling, North America Car Marketing manager. “With
the 2011 Mustang lineup, we’ve found a way to offer even better fuel
efficiency for V-6, GT and even Shelby GT500 performance drivers – while
improving performance. And consumers are responding.”
Nearly 11,000 Mustangs have been ordered since order banks opened
in late January. 

Fifty percent of the 2011 Mustang orders are for V-6 models, which
feature a new, high-performance, all-aluminum Duratec 3.7-liter
dual overhead-cam (DOHC) Twin Independent Variable Cam Timing (Ti-VCT)
engine. This new engine delivers 305 horsepower and an expected
best-in-class EPA fuel efficiency of 30 mpg on the highway – a 25
percent improvement versus the 2010 model.
2011 Mustang V-6 order levels are up 19 percent versus the new 2010
model orders.
“The new engine transforms Mustang,” Ling said. “Everything people
love about the car lives on, and now under the hood is a V-6 engine that
uses premium technology to deliver the power, the feel, the fuel
efficiency, even the sound of the best sports cars in the world.”
A first-ever Mustang Club of America (MCA) Special Edition package
available on V-6 models generated three times more orders than
expected. Plus, “take rates” on the California Special series – which is
available on the Mustang GT and harkens back to the original 1968
feature vehicle – are triple the expected rates.  
2011 Mustangs also are being equipped with record levels of
technology. Navigation is specified on 18 percent of orders.
High-intensity discharge (HID) headlamps are on 26 percent of
vehicles. Rear-view cameras are on 10 percent – all up from 2010.
For the 2011 model, 41 percent of orders are for Mustang GTs. 
The Mustang GT’s modern 5.0-liter four-valve, Ti-VCT V-8 engine
delivers 412 horsepower and 390 ft.-lb. of torque. At the same time,
fuel economy of 25 mpg highway is projected to be better than the
previous model and unsurpassed in the segment.
Approximately 9 percent of the 2011 Mustang orders are for Shelby
GT500 models, which are powered by an all-new aluminum-block 5.4-liter
supercharged V-8 engine. This produces 550 horsepower and 510 ft.-lb. of
torque, a 10 horsepower increase versus the 2010 model. The engine also
is 102 pounds lighter than its predecessor, delivering a better
power-to-weight ratio, improved fuel economy, acceleration, handling and
steering precision.
“Mustang is ready for a new generation of buyers,” Ling said. “With
new high-tech and fuel-efficient engines, class-leading connectivity
and infotainment options as well as signature style and performance,
Mustang is poised to continue its legacy as America’s favorite sports
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