Procharged 1967 Mustang Slaughters Nitrous Fox Body

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Fox Body encounters imminent traction control issues while the classic fastback remains straight as an arrow.

This drag racing action comes to us from the National No Prep Racing Association YouTube channel and it features a pair of Ford Mustang fastbacks going head-to-head on the street. This is real street racing, held in Wagoner, Oklahoma at one of the town’s Bulldog Bite Street Race events and while the race is thrilling, it also displays the biggest risk of street racing when one car begins to slide around mid-way through the run.


This battle at the Bulldog Bite Street Race event includes a 1967 Ford Mustang fastback and a Fox Body fastback, model year unknown. In fact, we really don’t know much about the newer car, shy of the fact that it has nitrous and it is pretty quick.

Nitrous Fox Body Mustang Front

As for the 1967 Mustang, the video begins with a walk-around that gives us a great look at this gorgeous old school race car. While this classic pony car is packing a front bumper and a hood, the body parts that are present appear to be show quality, right down to the metallic orange paint. The car is lowered a bit, likely sitting on a trick suspension system that allows it to make the most of the available power with help from the big, fat drag slicks out back.

1967 Ford Mustang Low Front

The big story here is the monstrous engine of this 1967 Ford Mustang. We don’t have the specifics, but it appears to be a big block Ford built by Steve Morris Engines. This is one of the top names in racing engines and with help from the Procharger F-1X mounted to the front of the block, this classic Mustang is making monster power.

1967 Ford Mustang Engine


After our close-up look at the 1967 Mustang, the two cars head to the starting line of the Oklahoma street racing event. Both cars do smoky burnouts and carefully stage, giving the start the signal that they are ready.

Mustang Fastbacks Staging

When he fired up the starting signal light, both Mustangs ripped away from the line and at first, the Fox Body has a slight lead. However, when the newer pony car loses traction and begins to dance towards his competitor in the left lane. Fortunately, the driver is smart enough to lift, but that allows the classic Mustang to cruise to the win.

Mustang Wheels Up

Crank up your speakers and enjoy.

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