S550 Mustang GT Makes the Perfect Poser

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Mustang GT

Twenty years ago, it wasn’t cool to be a poser. Today, it means something totally different!

There are quite a few benefits that accompany Mustang GT ownership. Most of which relate to the fact that they’re just plain fun to tool around in. But that unmistakable Mustang silhouette has been known to turn its fair share of heads, too. And even if you don’t necessarily enjoy being in the spotlight everywhere you go, you can’t deny that it feels pretty good when people take notice of your sweet ride.

Mustang GT

A wise man once said that if you don’t turn back and look at your car when you walk away from it, you’re not driving the right car. And we can confidently say that a gent by the name of Sidney Vega glances over at his S550 Mustang GT every time he’s forced to hop out of the driver’s seat. How do we know this? Well, the talented photographer has dedicated an entire section of his personal blog to “The Horse.”

Mustang GT

And if those glamour shots weren’t enough, you can also follow along with his Mustang adventures over on Instagram. While you’ll see plenty of other interesting stuff and stunning photography, the Mustang is clearly the love of Vega’s life. And why wouldn’t it be? Like most of us, Vega has a ride he can truly be proud of. Showing it off is just part of the deal when you own something so pleasant to look at.

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Call it egotistical, self-centered, or self-serving. But platforms like the web and social media give us car nuts a place to show off our rides. Not for acceptance or glory, of course. But rather out of a desire to connect with like-mined enthusiasts who just appreciate a fine glamour shot of a beautiful car. And Vega’s Mustang is more than worthy of that!


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