Shelby GT500 Gears up for ‘Need for Speed’ film

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Need for Speed film 2

There’s certainly no shortage on promos for the upcoming “Need for Speed” movie starring that wide-body Shelby GT500 and Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul. And trust us, we’d know considering we’ve covered just about every angle we could find on the new flick featuring one of our beloved Ford pony cars.

The latest is a video posted as part of Ford’s “Mustang Countdown” series highlighting the transition of EA’s franchise game into an action-packed film, which releases March 14.

The key in featuring the Shelby GT500 in the film was maintaining the special qualities of the car personified in the game in a credible way, says Ford’s Steve Ling.

In addition to highlighting some of the key players involved in the project, the 2:43 second clip gives us a more intimate look at the movie’s hero car.

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