Single-Turbo 2014 Mustang GT Runs 9.42 @ 153 mph in its Sleep

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Nine-Second Mustang Home

–by Phillip Ferrini
His license plate says, “SRY LSX,” and to be honest, it would take a seriously fast LS-powered car to take down this Coyote-powered S-197 with its simple, but effective single-turbo setup. 
The 2014 Mustang GT is said to be built by JPC and features forged internals to handle the plethora of boost from the single 80mm turbo and the equal amounts of E98 it drinks. The combo is backed by a built 4R70 automatic transmission, and on 12 psi of boost, it knocks down 9.70s, but cranked up to 15 psi, it’s good for 9.40s at 153 mph. 
The Coyote may be small in displacement by LS standards, but it is mighty. In lieu of monster cubes, the Coyote spins to the moon and its four-valve heads move a ton of air.

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