Sinister Black 1998 SVT Cobra Has Less Than 9K Miles on the Dash

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1998 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra

Sleek and beautiful, this snake looks almost completely untouched. Is the SN95 Cobra market finally on the upswing?

This 1998 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra that we found offered for sale has us asking a few questions. Are SN95 Cobras finally staring to appreciate, or is this car overpriced? If so, do the mods kill the value?

The car, sold by GR Auto Gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a black ’98 Cobra with just 8,727 miles on the odometer. Black paints hides no flaws, but from the photos, this car looks incredible.

1998 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra

Inside and out, it’s just as clean as you’d expect a car with under 10,000 miles to be. That low mileage and incredible condition is reflected in the asking price: $18,900. That’s a lot of money for a 1998 Cobra, considering that many clean examples change hands for about half of that.

However, none of those cars have such low mileage. However, if this is a low-mileage collectible, how do you explain the modifications? The staggered, black Bullitt-style wheels, clear smoked headlights, and side exhaust all take away from the car’s originality.

1998 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra

That’s not a bad thing at all, of course. We love modifying and personalizing our Mustangs, but in this case, we’re not exactly sure what this car is trying to be. We’re guessing that most folks who are drawn in by the mileage may be put off by the aftermarket accessories.

Admittedly, the car looks amazing. The total package of upgrades makes this SVT Cobra look downright sinister. We just wish that the previous owner had lowered it – SN95 Cobras tend to sit like 4x4s, especially up front.

1998 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra

With the wide rear tires filling up the quarters nicely, this thing is just begging for a set of sport springs and camber plates. Inside, as well as under the hood, this Mustang appears bone stock.

An interesting feature of 1998 Cobras is that, due to cost-cutting, they didn’t include the four-point strut brace seen on the 1996 and 1997 Cobras. However, the air inlet tube is still notched for it.

We’re glad that someone preserved this car in such great shape, seeing that the oldest SN95 Cobras are a quarter of a century old. If it was ours, we’re not sure if we’d keep modifying it, or take it back to stock. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in our forum!

Photos: GR Auto

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