Speed Hunters Profiles the Creations ‘n Chrome Fox Body

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Marcus Slater
Mustang Forums

Say what you want about chrome painted cars. They’re flashy. They’re ugly. They’re gaudy. Whatever. The indisputable fact is that Creations ‘n Chrome’s notchback fox body is a damn cool, incredibly well done build.

It’s pretty to look at, sure, but it’s also a full-on race car. C&C tucked Ford Racing’s Aluminator crate engine pushed back into the firewall. And then they strapped a Vortech JT-Trim blower to it. I’m not sure how much power it makes, but I’m sure it’s more than enough to lay waste to plenty of cars at the drags strip. The only thing is, that this car wasn’t actually built as a straight line monster.

C&C also fitted it with a G Force five-speed transmission, Hotchkis control arms, and an inboard cantilever front suspension setup from JME Enterprises. No only will it devour drags, but the suspension ensures that it grip as well.

The photographers at Speedhunters got to spend some time with it up close. Their photos are gorgeous, as normal. Check it out.

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