Street-Legal Cobra Jet?

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— by Jonathon Klein

Have you ever wanted a Cobra Jet for the street? Of course you have, everyone around here has played with the fantasy that is taking a drag car and running it on the street, shaking windows and setting off car alarms. That’s every car guys dream. To piss off everyone with their exhausts. Well my dear friends, now is your chance to do just that, buy a completely street legal Cobra Jet Mustang.




Ok so it’s not a real Cobra Jet from the factory, it’s better. This little Clone is based on the regular 5.0 GT we all know and love, but it’s been massively upgraded to do wheelies and smoke those tires like it’s going out of style. What the seller did was stroke out the motor, slap a supercharger on top, and a heck of a lot of piping for the exhaust to get this motor screaming down the track. Nothing on this car is stock anymore. It is literally a Cobra Jet at this point.




Sure you don’t get the limited edition plate, or the street cred of actually owning a Cobra Jet, but who the hell cares, you can run your car at both the track and on the street. That’s way better than just saying, “I’ve got a real Cobra Jet though,” “yeah and when was the last time you ran it, I drove mine over here!” Whether or not you subscribe to that argument, it all comes down to how much you are willing to pay for this piece of rolling evil, right? The seller wants only $43,700 for the entire car. That’s half of what a new one would cost you. The guy probably has at least $100,000 into it so you are getting a real steal. 

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