SVT Looks to Build on Past Mustang Performance Models

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Shelby Mustang

If there was any doubt that Ford has been revving up for something big with their high performance 2015 Mustangs, let it be put to rest with this new video posted as part of the Mustang Countdown series.

The clip showcases the level of commitment that Ford’s SVT (Special Vehicle Team) has made to the Mustang over the years to ensure that the Ford pony car continues to live up to its iconic status as an American muscle car.

In the words of the performance division’s Chief Engineer, Jamal Hameedi, “SVT has been around for more than 20 years and our first car was a Mustang. I see it as our personal mission to really keep the Mustang on top of the pony car and spots car world.”

Yup, we’d say that pretty much sums up the three minute clip with a few flashbacks of some of the most memorable past Mustangs that have come out of the SVT team.

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