‘Team Mustang’ Gal Embarks on Fascinating Journeys

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A gutsy purchase paid off as this Mustang has rewarded its owner with a half-million miles of unforgettable experiences!

Most of us that own a vintage (and even sometimes a modern) Mustang tend to baby them. We keep them in garages, drive them only on sunny and dry weekends, and keep them washed and waxed. They are, after all, our pride and joy. But a select few brave souls aren’t afraid to hit the highway and rack up some serious mileage in their Mustang. Even then, few can hold a candle to Team Mustang Girl‘s Courtney Barber.

Barber tells her story in this fascinating Ford Performance feature, which is too good not to share. She purchased her 1965 Mustang a full nine years ago, but didn’t exactly find it down the street. The Myrtle Beach, South Carolina resident had never even driven a classic car before, yet traveled over 1,400 miles to purchase her first one. With a one-way plane ticket. Which, you guessed it, meant that she would drive a car she had never even seen before all the way home. And you wouldn’t blame Barber for second guessing her decision at least once along the way.

“I had never driven a classic car or one without power steering or brakes. I remember the first night on the road I called my Mom crying from the hotel and told her she was right about driving the car back and that I made a horrible decision. Actually picked a hotel in a bad area and prayed the car wouldn’t be there in the morning. Boy am ever I glad now that prayer was ignored!”


Since that day, Barber has worked hard to make her beloved Mustang a reliable machine. And it’s exceeded those expectations, racking up over a half-million (mostly) trouble-free miles in her nine years of owning it. Heck, Barber even drove it to Alaska, traversing roads normally reserved for serious off-road vehicles. But along the way, she’s made the kind of countless lasting memories you can’t get from owning a garage queen!

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