Texas to Use Undercover Mustangs as Cop Cars

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The police department of El Paso, TX has a new weapon in their arsenal to crack down on speeders – a fleet of thirteen 2012 Ford Mustangs GTs. Officer Sergio Cordova is one of the lucky police officers who gets to drive one of the new Mustangs, and he appreciates the fact that his job is to drive a muscle car around all day. “Where else are you going to get paid to drive a high-performance car at a high speed?” he says.

Even after two months Cordova has some pretty interesting stories to tell, from people who don’t believe he’s a policeman to people who have tried to race him. “I had one kid race me who said I couldn’t give him a ticket because he beat me,” he says. Another time a driver of 2004 Mustang blew by him at nearly 100 mph. “After we did a mile, and I had hit the lights, he began slamming his fists against the dashboard because he knew what had just happened,” Cordova says.

While many might think that the undercover Mustang is an unfair advantage to the police department, Cordova says that the intention is to prevent bad driving habits and excessive speeding. “A lot of us do it because of what we have seen on the job. I mean, I’ve seen fatalities, people getting hit by trailers, getting split in half, there was a child who got run over by grandma,” Cordova says.

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