Thief Steals New Mustang Bullitt by Crashing Through Dealer Doors

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2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt

Though we don’t condone it, we can’t think of a better way to nab a Bullitt than by crashing it through some glass, Steve McQueen-style.

Sadly, car theft is a common occurrence that happens so often, only the stranger tales make the news these days. But what happened to one particular 2019 Mustang Bullitt in Evansville, Indiana recently certainly warrants a mention. Now, we’re not sure if the thief in question was a Steve McQueen fan or not. But according to 14 News, he most certainly stole this new Bullitt in the most Bullitt way possible.

According to the report, a cleaning lady at Evansville’s Town and Country Ford arrived at work only to find shattered glass spread around the dealership’s showroom. It was then discovered that the dealer’s brand new Bullitt was also missing. That’s when they put two and two together and realized what had happened. Someone had broken a window to gain access to the showroom, then drove it through a pair of glass doors to get out.

2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt

Sadly, there’s no video or pictures of the incident. Despite the fact that the dealer does in fact have security cameras. “Our DVR was not working and it’s been repaired now, but we don’t have video,” T&C Ford’s general manager Larry Oldham explained to 14 News. “They are checking some other local businesses videos to see if they got anything.”

2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt

It would also appear that the thief had no intentions other than a joy ride. The Bullitt was found mere hours after it was discovered stolen. The perpetrator, however, was long gone. T&C Ford plans on repairing the car’s damage and selling it at a discount. And we wouldn’t blame someone for taking advantage of that deal. Because if nothing else, this is one Bullitt that comes with a cool, and rather fitting story.

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