Turbo Fox-Body Mustang With A T56 And An 88mm Turbo Runs [email protected]

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Not that I have anything against an automatic, but there’s something epic about wheeling a fast stick-car down the strip. It takes a ton of skill not only at the launch, but with each subsequent shift because after all, every shift is an opportunity to miss a gear and completely blow the run. And this incredibly difficult task only gets harder the faster the car is. So it should come as no surprise that we have huge respect for the owner of this turbocharged Fox-body who’s rowing the gears on the way to 9-ohs in the quarter!

The ’93 coupe in question resides in Canada and features a 331 CI pushrod motor with a PT88 turbo and FAST XFI backed by a T56 transmission and 29×10.5S tires. According to the video, the driver is launching at 5000 RPM and 10 PSI, which produces 1.36 short times.

Have a watch and enjoy, it’s one heckuva ride!

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