Twin-Turbo, Coyote-Powered Lincoln Mark VIII

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–by Phillip Ferrini
Here’s something you don’t see too often: a twin-turbo, Coyote-powered Lincoln Mark VIII that pulls like a big dog on the top end. We don’t know much in the way of details beyond what we can see, which is a pair of sizeable turbos hanging off a Coyote with a Cobra Jet intake manifold, but all we know is, when the owner pops the hood, our jaws drop. 

He actually popped the hood because of a problem, which looks like a leaky oil feed line on a turbo (the likely culprit of teething issues associated with a newly assembled combo), but it’s a wicked sleeper nonetheless.
Forgive me for posting a street racing video. I don’t condone it in any way, shape or form, but I just had to share this cool car. And on that note, if anyone has any additional info on this sleeper, please send it our way.

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