Twin-Turbo Mustang Dynos 1222hp at TX2k13

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Marcus Slater
Mustang Forums

Dyno videos can get pretty stale. There’s only so many times you can watch a car get really loud in a small room before getting bored. Every now and then though, you see something genuinely impressive. Like what’s under the hood of this Mustang.

It’s got twin PTE 6766’s providing positive pressure to the tune of 1222 rwhp. That alone, is pretty impressive, but not that exciting. There are loads of cars that make huge power off turbos. What is cool is the car’s power curve. High peak hp numbers are great and all, but these guys have managed to make the car pull hard the whole range. No spikes.

Watch the video to see what I mean. It’s a beauty of a curve. I would love to see/hear/feel this car on the track. It’s a Cobra, so this is one of the few Mustangs packing an IRS. Now, if only there were some crazy fast Corvettes it could run against…

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