Violent X275 Radial Mustang Battles Dyno, Wins

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–by Phillip Ferrini
Brute horsepower is awe-inspiring. We’re not talking 600, 700 or even 800 hp; we’re talking 1,500+ hp at the tires. That kind of power is enough to make any gearhead weak in his/her knees. 
Take, for example, this X275 drag radial racer that pegs the dyno at 1,500 hp with just 17 psi of boost from its Vortech-charged small-block Ford. According to some Internet searching, the car looks to be owned by David Parker of Florida and is one bad pony.
According to the video, the car has run a best of 6.99 @ 207 mph on an old combo. 
We can only imagine what this beast would have put down had the dyno been able to handle more.
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