Watch this Mustang’s Insane Near Miss and Record Run!

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This Mustang’s next upgrade will probably be s#!t-proof seats.

One of the best parts about drag racing and tuning cars is trying to find the absolute limit. It’s that constant push to really stretch each and every component to its absolute breaking point. The folks over at Rarefab know a lot about that, and they built the astonishing car in the video above. It features a fully-built engine from MPR, a twin-turbo kit from Armageddon, it rides on a suspension setup from BMR, and the whole shebang was tuned buy the team at Palm Beach Dyno.  Critically though, this Mustang is still using the factory 6R80 transmission.

What we have is a car that is aiming to be the fastest S-197 ever with a factory automatic transmission. The goal was a ¼ time in the sevens, which is not an easy task in any way.

But what’s more amazing than the car and the speed targets is the narrowly avoided disaster that happened halfway through a day of running. After an apparent throttle stick at the launch, this Mustang spears towards the far wall, does a full spin, and somehow escapes unharmed. It got close enough to that wall during the spin that it hit the parachute bag.

As you can hear someone in the crew yelling, “Get that man a new diaper.”

Still, once the final run comes rolling through, they hit their goal. A 7.975 emblazoned across the timing board as the crew erupts in cheers of victory. Final trap speed, a bonkers 173.96 mph. For now, at least, that means you won’t find a quicker 2011 Mustang with a 6R80 in the world.

Congratulations guys.

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