Woman Avoids Getting Stuck with $47,000 Bill for Rented Stang.

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Remember that Canadian woman who was on the verge of getting stuck with a $47,000 bill for a rented Mustang?

Well, it looks like Enterprise Rent-A-Car has had a change of heart after first sending her a bill for the car.

Kristen Cockerill apparently got a call from an Enterprise rental manager in Nova Scotia a few weeks ago apologizing for the experience, according to Canadian Yahoo news report.

“It’s been extremely stressful, actually, just not knowing where things are going to go, the financial piece hanging over my family,” Cockerill is quoted as saying in the Yahoo report. “It’s been quite stressful. But I’m happy to see it come to an end.”

So are we Ms. Cockerill. Despite our deep love for Mustangs, we certainly don’t think any model is worth $47,000 for a two-day rental.

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