2.3L Eco-Boost Tech This section is for technical discussions pertaining specifically to the Eco-Boost variation of the 2015+ Ford Mustang.
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In going through the forum, we see a lot of posts about the 4cyl, 2.3L Mustangs and getting more horsepower and torque, so we wanted to let you know that Injen Technology has you covered for your 2015-16 Mustang Ecoboost. In fact we’ve made a video about it right here:

Like all of our products in the Evolution line, the EVO9200 is designed using the latest CMM Laser Scanning hardware and SolidWorks 3D CAD software. All prototypes are printed on one of our state of the art 3D printers, and then they are extensively tested on our in house Dyno.

Evolution Intakes are Injen Technology’s newest state of the art induction kits made of rotomolded cross linked high density polyethylene for superior quality and durability. Our rotomolded intake boxes are designed to incorporate the largest dry filter on the market. The SuperNano Web Fiber filter utilizes a micro fiber web on the surface, in order to capture airborne contaminants. The new EVO air intakes come with stainless steel hardware and automotive grade urethane couplers. Best of all they install easily and in the case of the EVO9200 increase the power +23HP and +21 TQ over a stock air box.

The style and look of these massive induction kits is very impressive and their functionality is second to none. Everything is completely done in house - in Pomona California. Injen is dedicated to the principle of Made in the USA!

Straight Forward Installation. The Injen Evolution Cold Air Intake Kit is designed to install easily with just basic hand tools. No extra modifications or special tools are required for proper installation. All necessary parts and instructions are included. Let’s break it down and show you exactly how easy it is to install these great performance products.

We begin by installing the EVO9200 air intake:

Here the OEM airbox is removed…

as well as the air intake pipe.

The new Injen EVO9200 components are installed. They have perfect OEM fitment because they are designed that way. Here you can also see the built-in Filter Minder for quick, easy and accurate filter inspection.

Here’s the completed installation. Again, the EVO9200 has perfect fitment because it’s designed to fit… But the EVO9200 is not just about looks- it’s about performance.

The EVO9200 gives you REAL horsepower and torque gains of +23 HP and +21 TQ when you add this Evolution air intake system to your Ford Mustang 2.3L Ecoboost.

But there’s more.

No Tune Required. You read that correctly. Unlike other Cold Air Intakes on the market for the EcoBoost Mustangs the Injen Evolution CAI does not require a computer re-tune. The engineers at Injen designed, tuned, and dyno-tested this cold air intake to improve your Pony's power using the stock factory tune.

Features and benefits of Injen’s EVOLUTION air induction systems:

1. Dyno tuned as a System for GUARANTEED safe horsepower and torque gains
2. Officially the largest SuperNano-Web dry filter on the market
3. The first stand-alone air filter chamber for ample on-demand air supply
4. Sleek and sexy design lines for unmatched looks under your hood
5. The first built-in filter minder for quick, easy and accurate filter inspection
6. Designed and built in the USA from cross-linked polyethylene for outstanding durability and heat insulation
7. Durable stainless steel hardware and automotive grade hose couplers included
8. The perfect OE fitment; just drop into the original mounting points, fasten clamps, and drive away!
9. All Injen intake systems are designed and manufactured with pride in the USA

NEXT we are going to install the FM9200i Intercooler, and give you a sneak peek at the SES9200 Catback Exhaust system which is still in development.

The Mustang front grill is removed to expose the air induction components.

Here the OEM intercooler is removed…

and replaced with the Injen FM9200i intercooler.

Take a look at the two units: The OEM unit is on top and the larger Injen unit is on bottom. Note the difference in thickness between the two. The Injen intercooler is TWICE the thickness.

The FM9200i intercooler features include:

- An average of 50F temperature drop over stock
- Stock pressure drop retained within 0.5psi
- TIG-welded aluminum bar-plate
- 21.06″ x 5.75″ x 5.25″ core size
- 600 horsepower limit
- Premium hardware

The FM9200i Intercooler is rated to give the Ecoboost gains of +17 HP and +17 ft. lbs of TQ.

After installing the intercooler, the team installs the SES 9200 Catback Exhaust. Here’s a sneak peek at the install:

Here they remove the OEM exhaust.

Then connect the new Injen exhaust with the hardware provided.

Here the new SES9200 Catback exhaust is bolted into place and secured.

Here is the SES9200 exhaust fully installed and ready for Dyno testing!

Here we run the Mustang on the Dyno jet. We establish rigorous testing procedures for all of our products. We will release the final Dyno numbers once full testing has been completed on the SES9200 exhaust.

As you can see, we have you covered when it comes to getting you the most horsepower from your 2015-16 2.3L Ford Mustang Ecoboost. Three great performance products…

and for those of you with a 2015 Mustang GT 5.0L we have the EVO9201 which delivers all the performance features of its EVO9200 cousin.

Here's a
for the GT - coming soon!

For more information, visit our website or simply post here on the forum.
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In addition to our new EVO9200 air induction system, we wanted to remind everyone about one of our classic cold air intakes the PF9091 - also for the 2015 Mustang Ecoboost.

PF stands for PowerFlow. In the winter of 2005, Power Flow was introduced with MR Technology and an all new Power Box. This was another leap forward for Injen Technology, launching the company into the largest of the automotive market segments; Truck, SUV and High Performance Automotive. The new product line was displayed for the first time at the 2005 SEMA show and won the International Product Award. The Power Flow series has received rave reviews.

Like the EVO9200, our PowerFlow systems are dyno tuned so you get all the benefits of increased tuned air flow without having to retune your vehicle.

It's easy to install, comes with all the necessary stainless steel hardware, and
adds a terrific look under the hood.

Here's the results from our in-house dyno-testing:

That's correct - a gain of +18HP and +17TQ with no tune required.

Visit our website for more information on the Injen products available for your 2015 Ford Mustang Ecoboost.
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