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Get your Credit Card out or Beef up your PayPal!

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Get your Credit Card out or Beef up your PayPal!

Old 04-08-2006, 10:53 AM
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Default RE: Get your Credit Card out or Beef up your PayPal!

ORIGINAL: Professor Wizard


ORIGINAL: Professor Wizard

Noope... not nuts..

Barrett Jackson auctioned the rights to be the FIRST to get an order in for the GT500 for $66,000.

No No it was 660,000.00 Plus a 48,000.00 Transaction fee. This will be for the first one built and Carrol Shelby along with one of the Ford Brother will sign the cars visor.

OOPS... I stand corrected...
Well.. I sit corrected...

I looked it up when Rich posted... and he is right...

Geezzz... 660k for the rights + 48k + Msrp.... dayum expensive ride.
i disagree... its not a "ride" thats an investment. The Very first Shelby Cobra GT500 off the line is his, can you imagine how much that will be worth down the road? You knwo if he has 700K he can afford to keep it garaged...
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Old 04-08-2006, 11:35 AM
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Default RE: Get your Credit Card out or Beef up your PayPal!

ORIGINAL: CrimeScene

It's not a fake coupe,shelby never made a coupe and if it was made with Shelby parts it would be a Shelby (like the CS6 is) and yes I would rather have that,belive me as we speak I am trying to figure out were to store it,my garage is only one car and I plan on ordering an 07 GT so I would need a 2 car garage and to build a new one would be very costly,so am am looking at what I can do here,I have sent a few emails about the car dealing with warrentys on some of the parts so I am waiting on his replys,worse come to worse I may just go with this and forget the 07 GT.

The other reason I would rather this is I refuse to set my self up to be bent over an F*** by paying 20 some grand over MSRP for a car,I am not the only one here that feels that way,basic truth is any of us here that owns there home here could buy a new Cobra if we wanted to,were not though becuse we see there not worth all what they want for them,MSRP was I belive 45,000 ya I would for that.

I'm with you. Buy it now for $28,500! That's fantastic! Whether someone wants to call it a "Recreation" or not is irrelevant. How about call it modified. That seems to work for Foose and Coddington. For that price you can't get a loaded Camry.
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Old 04-08-2006, 11:48 AM
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Default RE: Get your Credit Card out or Beef up your PayPal!

Seems to be looking good but there are some well odd answers I got trying to get it a little more info,an I hate to let this get away.

The one thing I forgot to say is I plan on using it as a daily driver,bad weather I have my truck,so it would make no sence to buy a car that you have to park for me to buy.

As far as it being a real Shelby,thats not what I am after, I could care less if it has his name on it or not,it's more a what I like not what name is on it or who made it,if I had a car collection ya diffrent then.

I said it before I say it againe,why buy something and never injoy it,for it to keep it's value you can't drive it,I guess becuse I a not loaded with money I will never understand how you can drop 70 some grand and just put it away in a corner and never get any use out of it,to me it's a waist of money.

I may be missing the point on this but should this car not be affordable to the adv joe,it would be if they would stick to the MSRP,I am lost why they would only make so many let there dealers get away with this,the only reasons I can come up with is greed,from Shelby on up and yes I am including him in on this untill I read or see some statement from him or his company denouncing this ripping off the adv buyer or making it only so the rich can afford it,something to that effect,I am right on the edge of losing any respect for him.

In many inteviews he always talks about how he was all for the adv buyer of young guy looking for something more in a car,guess time and money does change one's outlook.

If he ever does speak out on this I would post an apology to all you Shelby fans till then I am sticking to my guns on this.

Sorry if I offended anyone with this,not my intent.


EDIT: Rather then keep venting about this here I have decided to post a litte comment on Shelbys home padge asking about this,I don't expect to gt any kind of answer but at least I tryed. Here is the link if anyone is intrested hope it works.
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Old 04-08-2006, 05:29 PM
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Default RE: Get your Credit Card out or Beef up your PayPal!

If I had the money I'd by one sure.....and I'd drive the **** out of it. Yes its a hell of a car, but if you have that much cash to drop on one, you don't need another investment.
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Old 04-09-2006, 11:03 PM
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Default RE: Get your Credit Card out or Beef up your PayPal!

Hey everybody I think they should limit the qualifed purchasers to loyal Ford owners. For example you would qualified if you have purchased two or three new Fords over the past couple of years. That would knock the frenizy down and reward the loyal ford people and not just some gold diggers.
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