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Lady Luck
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Default RE: todays special " smoked Mustang "

I get alot of people tryin to mess with me. I don't know why. But boy do their egos get hurt when they get "smoked" by a girl. Oh, not to mention there are so many ricers in Vegas it make me wanna puke...blah [:@]
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Default RE: todays special " smoked Mustang "

I was coming home from the Auto show last night, and it was about 11 something... The roads were pretty much deserted... So I was just cruising along and this Honda something or another comes up. (A newish car, could see dual exhaust, but didn't sound like a lawn mower.) Anyway, decides he wants to be cool and flies past me... So I just shrug it off and keep going, but I up my speed about 5 mph to gradually catch up. (Not sure how fast he was going... Then when I was near, I flew past him... slowed back down to the speed limit... He came up along side and I just dropped it and flew away again...Then I figured he learned his lesson so I let him drive by... and apparently he didn't because he tried to fly by again... So I caught up to him and passed him again... and I think we did that often.. Until I was nearly home and he tried passing me again... I kinda waited for him. So I was going a little slower. Probably 40-45 in a 50. He was drafting and got the head start so by the time I hit the gas we were neck and neck. (Which I was surprised, but due to what I just explained then he got a good head start. lol.) Then I ended up missing my shift... (Hit the rev limiter in 2nd.) So I lost about a second there, but he still couldn't get past me... Once I shifted to third though... All I saw was him giving up and pulling back into the lane... I was a good 7 - 10 car lengths away.
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Default RE: todays special " smoked Mustang "

ORIGINAL: lynwood78

Anyone giving me a thumbs down will automatically received a middle finger response!

I was geting on the freeway and It was pry empty... got up to 70MPH nice and easy. And i was in the slow lane, and then this 2003 black hyndai 2-door flys by me at 80 and there are these two dudes hanging out the window giving me the thumbs down. so I automaticly floor it and easyly gain on them (they obviosly floored it too) so I pass them at 100MPH+ with my left hand flying high out the window giving them the bird. I look in my rear view miror and they are doing the same (only they wernt smileing like ME) LOL I love mess'n with ricers
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