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philipk 01-07-2005 04:34 PM

No test drives!
I am about ready to order a Mustang GT 5 Speed in Torch Red.

Last week I test drove a V-6 at my local Ford dealer but was unwilling to order a GT without driving one. On Monday I drove a 5 speed GT in the next town. The saleman was very nice and OFFERED a test drive.

Yesterday (Thursday), I get a call from the local dealer that they have a GT Auto that I could drive. I went to the dealer and the car had 15 miles on it. The salesmans told me I could drive it a short distance. The fuel light was on and there is orders that no one is to test drive the car including salesman. They let me drive it because they promised it last week and I am serious about ordering one.

The car drove nice but it is no manual. The salesman said you aren't buying this car are you? When I said no, he admitted that he was a passenger in the car with three other salesmen when the sales manager turned the car sideways! Thus the car can not leave the lot.

Then they tried the pressure me in ordering that day. They are willing to go X-plan and I don't have a pin number yet. Still they put high pressure on me.

I like the other dealership sales dept. better but this dealership has the better service dept. by far.

I may sound like a snob but I didn't like being handled this way. I have owned Lincolns, Acuras, and a Lexus. No high pressure with them. I was with my brother-in-law when he bought his Mercedes at the same dealer last fall (Ford/Mercedes/Suzuki). The Mercedes saleman was a different breed. They even offered to take the E-class car home for the night!

To me the worst feature of the Mustang is that it is sold by Ford!

Still I will probably buy one. My only hesitation is quality control.


jamhole538 01-07-2005 08:55 PM

RE: No test drives!
what you mean the car turned sidways mean they did a burn out around a corner or something

biged3 01-08-2005 09:43 AM

RE: No test drives!
I guess I am lucky, the dealer I went to let me test drive a manual GT. They had to go through a wholesaler and buy the car just so customers could test drive one before ordering.

philipk 01-09-2005 06:57 PM

RE: No test drives!

ORIGINAL: jamhole538

what you mean the car turned sidways mean they did a burn out around a corner or something
Sorry, out of town since Friday.

They were travelling over 100 mph on a moderately busy freeway. The car next to them went right and somehow at the same time they went right and turned the car sideways. (?) It sounds like they were passing in the right lane.

Upon reflection of Thursday's dealership experience, there is no way I am ordering from them. I just touched the tip of the iceberg in my original post.


05sonicGT 01-09-2005 07:38 PM

RE: No test drives!
I ordered my GT about 3 weeks ago and on Friday night I went to go drive the GT they just got in. I didnt get to see the GT before I ordered mine. The sales guy told me "we dont let people drive them unless they can afford them!" This PISSED ME OFF!! I said I already ordered one and I wanted to see how they were. As I was saying this he turned around and started to talk to another person. I know I am only 18 years old but you dont treat people this way even if they are only 18. I called the manager yesterday and told him and he said he would take care of it and if I wanted I could come down anytime and drive the GT. When I went that afternoon to drive it the sales guy was there when I started her up. I gave him a smile as I took off down the road!:D

AtlanticBlue99 01-09-2005 11:58 PM

RE: No test drives!

gave him a smile as I took off down the road!
good job. yea i know this guy who is the vice president of club car. he went to a mercedes lot in sweat pants on a bicycle and nobody even talked to him. salesmen walked by. finally, a salesman said he couldnt loiter on the lot. so the vp took a cab to a bmw lot across town, purchased a beemer on site, and drove over to the mercedes lot. at the mercedes lot, he took apart his bike and put it in the trunk of his new beemer and smiled at the salesman standing right there! ther eis no use to treat others like sh!t just because of what they look like or age etc.

FoMoCo_Jeppe 01-11-2005 11:25 AM

RE: No test drives!
yeah thats funny.. my dads friend wanted to buy a brand stinking new bmw but they treated him like shiz.. so they went across the road to the Mercedes Benz dealship and bought a brand new Mercedes and he payed cash so he got w-tires (i think ore some other equipment cant remeber)

i wonder why they do that... treat people bad..

vshayes 01-11-2005 12:03 PM

RE: No test drives!
I hate ford dealerships... they all want to pressure people into buying and they will do just about anything to get you to come inside so they can check your information. Me and joe got lucky when we lived in Warner robins, we had this car lot (small one) that would do just about anything for us and never hound us about anything. They would even look for cars at auctions for us. That is how he got his BMW. :) I miss that type of service.

philipk 01-11-2005 01:46 PM

RE: No test drives!

ORIGINAL: vshayes

I hate ford dealerships... they all want to pressure people into buying...
That is because 99% of their product line is crap. They have to pay you to buy. They have to pressure you to buy. They have to lie to you to buy. BECAUSE they sell a lot of poorly designed and poorly built crap.

Now they have a great product like the Mustang GT but you have to deal with the same crap.

I had a salesman at a different dealership tell me that if I ordered a Mustang GT it will be an 06 model.

The liars!


I am getting cold feet on the Mustang GT. I may wait until next year to see what happens.


vshayes 01-11-2005 01:53 PM

RE: No test drives!
I personally love the 05's, but I have yet to drive one. :( But as you, I will wait before I try to buy one. Maybe they will be alittle cheaper by next year... :)

One time I went to the dealership to buy an escape (I was gonna trade my contour SVT in for one) and I looked at a used one. It had the V6 badges and the dude told me that it was a V6...well I looked under the hood and I said, "no its a 4 cyclinder"..the dude still swore it was a 6 cylinder.. that really pissed me off. They will tell you just about anything to get you to buy it...ESPECIALLY if your a chick!!

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