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Default BRENSPEED Update: Our S197 History and current information

Hello everybody I wanted to take a few minutes and let you know what has been going on at Brenspeed and for those of you who are new members I wanted to give you a little history on us. If you don’t want to read this long post just jump to the bottom paragraph for the summary but I think you will find this informative. Back when a lot of you did not even know about this forum I spent a lot of time here posting about new products released for the 2005 Mustang GT. We picked up our first S197 in December 2004 and started using it to test product fitment, quality, and develop custom tunes and then reporting the results to the forum. At the time the S197 section had little traffic and those members and Brenspeed had a great time discovering what the 2005 Mustang had to offer.

The entire 2005 year was spent racing our first 05 Mustang, breaking parts, working with manufacturers to resolve new product issues, and letting you the customers know the ins and outs of the available products. 2006 rolled around and we picked up a 2nd test car (2006 GT Auto) as there were more products available than we could test on a single car. Also in 2006 we moved into a new facility that many of you forum members have visited. Brenspeed has always stocked 99% of every part on our website so the new facility really helped provide room for inventory.

Customer service has always been very important to me and everybody at Brenspeed. Because of this we spent little time in late 2006 and pretty much all of 2007 on any forum. Between taking care of our customers, filling orders, providing a massive amount of custom tuning, and continuing to develop and test pretty much everything on I have a hard time justifying what I call forum surfing. We also spent a great amount of time in 2006 developing our Paxton and Hellion Turbo turn key power adder packages. 2007 was spent on our Saleen program.

Another great thing we have to offer is when you call us you are actually talking to somebody that drives a 2005-2008 Mustang every single day. My sales and tech team not only really care about what you think but they know where you are coming from. People like this are not easy to find so when you call us keep in mind the employees I have on the phones are sharing real experience and knowledge with you. For example Dave our shop manager drives about 45 minutes one way to work and I moved Seth in from about a 5 hour drive away. We have another employee on the way from about 5 hours away as well. I do this because I need you to be able to get responses and talk on the phone with a knowledgeable person. They are all highly trained, they understand custom tuning, and spend a lot of time at the track and behind the wheel of the S197 mustang. We have other staff on hand that perform more of the behind the scenes work but Dave and Seth are 05-08 Mustang experts that field your calls and do everything they can to help you out.

Have you ever spent $600 of your hard earned money on exhaust or an air intake and not been able to get installation or tech help? How about $6000 on a supercharger? It happens and happens a lot in the internet world. Not at Brenspeed. We take calls every day and spend on average 2 to 3 hours per customer during and after the purchase of a supercharger making sure it is installed and operating correctly. We also spend a large amount of time fielding calls for other companies that wholesaled a supercharger or even an air intake and tuner package yet can’t answer any tech questions. This is not an ideal situation so please give us a call before you try to save a buck at an ABC discount supercharger shop.

In 2007 we picked up our 3rd test car a 2008 Mustang GT. We used this to confirm all our 2008 mustang tuning was a dead on and now use it as our Saleen 475 kit demo vehicle. Speaking of Saleen we now run them on all 3 of our shop cars. Our shop cars are not employee cars, or customer cars, they are Brenspeed owned vehicles. They have proven priceless when a customer needs a test drive or just to solve customer questions.

The New Brenspeed:
Also in 2007 we spent a lot of time bringing in new products. We once again are out of warehouse space. We lack room for inventory, room for employees, and we lack room for customer’s cars. To solve this problem we purchased 18 acres of commercial property just 2 miles down the road from our current location. In 2008 we are building a new retail area and distribution center (shipping and warehouse department) and a separate installation and Saleen Speedlab installation facility. We should never have to move again as 18 acres of commercial property is any companies dream. We happen to be at the right place at the right time to acquire it.

The New
We are currently having a new website built which should be completed mid February to the end of February. The new site will have much more content, more products, and will be much easier to manage from our end. Anything we can do to make our life easier will give us more time to concentrate on customer service.

Brenspeed and Free Shipping:
We have done everything possible to give the best price we can offer. Keep in mind although most of our prices are competitive we back them with excellent knowledge and customer service. It seems lately this is not as important to customers until they get bit by a wholesale house that knows nothing about the parts they sell nor do they often care about the customer either. I and most of the employees here have raced since we were very young. We were on the purchasing end of the mustang scene way before Brenspeed. To us back in the day saving $10 to risk a sale from somebody that was either known for bad service, didn’t stock the part, or maybe did not even know anything about it was never worth the savings. Now that we are all on the other end it is hard for us to swallow sometimes when we spend 35 minutes telling a customer the difference between the 14 different mufflers we carry then they buy them somewhere else to save a couple bucks. To help with this situation we do offer free shipping on everything we sell. Soon we may change our policy to free shipping on all items over $50. The reason behind this is we have hard to find items here that only cost say $10 or even $40. These are items people want or need but we can’t pay $10 shipping on something that retails for $10. To solve this and to be able to provide more items that hard to find like gaskets, OEM bolts, etc… we may add them to our new website and keep shipping free on everything above $50. This will insure the big ticket items like exhaust and superchargers that cost us $40 to $125 to ship will still be free to you.

[font="times new roman"][size=3]2008 will be an exciting year as we have some new products and packages in development as I type this. We are doing more tuning than ever and even though we hav
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Default RE: BRENSPEED Update: Our S197 History and current information

Thanks for the post! I was not aware of brenspeeds history and found it very interesting. I for one, can vouch your customer service is A-1 and if I can save some more pennies, will be getting that Saleen S/C from you for my car!

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Default RE: BRENSPEED Update: Our S197 History and current information

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Default RE: BRENSPEED Update: Our S197 History and current information

Interesting post, thank you.
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Default RE: BRENSPEED Update: Our S197 History and current information

from personal experience brenspeed is the best! best customer service, fast shipping, and they answered every question I had. i've never called a place and actually talked to what I felt like was a real tech when ordering something from someone over the internet... it was a real pleasure. couldn't be happier with my tune either!
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Default RE: BRENSPEED Update: Our S197 History and current information

Hey Joe I thought you weren't gettinga supercharger
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Default RE: BRENSPEED Update: Our S197 History and current information

sweet. my dad got his gt500 and i told him to buy a tune through you guys because of your good reputation. He got the stage one setup from you guys yesterday! cant wait
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Default RE: BRENSPEED Update: Our S197 History and current information

Great post. I've dealt with you guys on several occaisions through the internet, and your customer service has been great. I ordered my off road pipe Thursday about 11AM and it arrived Friday morning. Any part that I can order from you, I do. I look forward to the expansion of your inventory.
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Default RE: BRENSPEED Update: Our S197 History and current information

Thumbs up, Brent. Looking forward to working with you more in 2008.
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Default RE: BRENSPEED Update: Our S197 History and current information

I absolutely LOVE brenspeed. I bought my CAI and tune from them, and just this past Saturday (January 5th) I was at their shop to have my shaker hood system installed. Dave and Sether were both wonderfully helpful and I was beyond impressed with their knowledge and friendly attitude.

I will be a returning customer come fall of 2008 for a supercharger and install [8D]
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