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Old 03-04-2008, 06:27 PM
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Default RE: KEEP THE 06 GT??

I would say the 03 cobra. I sat in one and found it to be quite comfy. Only probably would be if its going to be your dd the clutch is pretty stiff. I personally would put up with it just because of the performance.
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Default RE: KEEP THE 06 GT??

Buy the new 08 civic. Its a honda so its wayyyy faster.
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Default RE: KEEP THE 06 GT??

Keep the 06 and mod as you are able.....I wouldn't want an 03 cobra unless I had bought it new off the showroom floor.
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Default RE: KEEP THE 06 GT??

ORIGINAL: airforceus

Keep the 06 and mod as you are able.....I wouldn't want an 03 cobra unless I had bought it new off the showroom floor.
i agree
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Default RE: KEEP THE 06 GT??

Keep your 06.
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Default RE: KEEP THE 06 GT??

There's no question about it as far as I'm concerned, keep the '06.

I'm 5'11 220 lbs and I can't fit in an'03 unles it's a convertible with the top down. Even them, it's a tight fit.

Like everyone else said, when you buy a used car, you never know what problems you're inhereting.
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Default RE: KEEP THE 06 GT??

Another vote for keeping the 06.
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Default RE: KEEP THE 06 GT??

ORIGINAL: ryanralston07

You could get the 03 that has been most likely beat on SEVERLY, or you could keep your car and just beef it up with time. What I mean is that you could throw in a forged stroker kit into this engine and gain some performance there, then maybe head work, cams, and eventually a supercharger and have a car that is just as capable as the 03, more comfy than the 03, better looking than the 03, better handling than the 03, NEWER, personalized/customized by you (love the car more), and a car that you can be proud of years down the road. JMO though...
And spend several, several more grand in the process...
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Default RE: KEEP THE 06 GT??


I am having a dillema. I have an opportunity to get a 03 Cobra with a full Magnaflow exhaust, CAI, looked like the smaller pulley was added, short throw and a lot of other goodies. I stopped by and gave it a look and started it, but that was it. I was going to go back today and take it for a spin to see how it handles. I have about3 grand in the GT, that includes labor. I dont know if I ever will add a whipple to the GT, which I would love to have.The guys I work with tell me keep what I have, but none of them are mustang freaks. I have to ask the experts on here and see what you guys think?? Go to and look under the used inventory to see the pics.

IMO Get the cobra. I'm in the market for an 03-04 cobra as well.

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Default RE: KEEP THE 06 GT??



I dont like any mustangs other than the s197. Yeah yeah the 03 cobra is fast. BUT the 06 looks WAY better, built better, way more comfy!!!! I say keep your gt. I definately think you will regret it
Have you ever sat in a 03 cobra? I have sat is all kinds of mustangs, hell cars in general, and the 03 cobras are one of the most comfortable. (Top 3 being an aston martin db9. e320 Benz, and 1969 Shebly GT500.)

and IMO it looks WAY better than a s197 stock for stock.

Built better? In what way?
s197 can take 500 hp
Cobra can take 1000 hp

Maybe the IRS has some problems, but thats only if you are hardcore dragracing.

But honeslty it is your personal opinion. I love both cars, but it would be a very hard decision between a new Shelby and an 03 Cobra. Its all what YOU want. You will find a huge following to both, and people who dislike both.
Atually yes I have
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