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Followed a GTO yesterday in.....

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Default RE: Followed a GTO yesterday in.....


ORIGINAL: sidewayz4.6

Let's at least compare apples to apples.
Why are we comparing the GTO with the Mustang? If you ask me the Mustang is the best bang for the buck.
GTO MSRP $32,295 - Mustang @26,125. That's a $6,000 difference. Granted the GTO 1/4 mile is 13.1 against 13.9 for the Mustang but IMO you can use that 6K difference in a supercharger or turbo and a few other bolt ons and it'll not only be a faster car but better looking.
This is not exactly fair, your Mustang price would be closer to 30,000 when option equal what the GTO has standard, I know I spent 4 months trying to decide between the 2. I paid just over 31,000 for my 2005 GTO. My take is the lower priced GT is the best buy, but if you want all the options then you are better off with 400hp and 6 speed. Though whichever car you ended with is a great deal and a great car. Both can be modified to your wallets desire and are bulletproof.
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Default RE: Followed a GTO yesterday in.....


ORIGINAL: sidewayz4.6

See...You're still not comparing correctly. Price out a Mustang with the same options that come standard on a GTO. They're relatively the same price. -100 hp for the Mustang. While the GTO isn't the prettiest car on the planet. The Mustang is just downright ugly.

Why I'll want whatever options the GTO has? I'm just using base price regardless. The only reason you are all for the GTO is because you are an '05 hater and ran out of anything else to compare it to. It won't surprise me if you start comparing it to a MAC truck....lots of power and better looking....buahahahaha
I am not sure why everyone seems to have to hate one over the other. I love them both, just for different reasons. I am hoping the new Camaro comes out with RETRO looks and GTO mechanicals and quality.
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Default RE: Followed a GTO yesterday in.....

[quote]ORIGINAL: silverbullit05

you can get sick about hearing this all you want i also own a gto a real one. all though mine dose not run any thing very fast needs to be rebuilt. but THAT IS NOT A GTO! there is nothing luxury about my moms 1969 judge and my dad's friends 65 GTO it is just a big car with a big engine. my 67 has a tired 400 CI that needs rebuilt and just looking at it and then seeing a new one drive by not one thing in common not even a similarity or common ground except the both have v-8's. lets just stick a V-8 in any thing and slap a lable on it dose that make it the car it once was. never in my post did i say that an 05 mustang would beat that sad attempt(gto).i don't mind a new gto comming out i thought the idea was awsome but why on gods green earth would they do this to an american legend. and i don't know why you even brought up lemans or tempets we are talking about gto's they are in the same family but not in same proformance bracket. nova's are not even in the same family. i am not saying that proformance of the new pontiac isn't up there. but they could have at least spent the time and money to redesign the car in a muscle car image. they didn't even have to go with a retro look just make it look like a big powerful car. like a muscle car.there is nothing in that cars stance or looks thats says i am a muscle car! that is it's history not this grand am with a v-8 in it. and i am not puting down this cars looks because i bought an 05 mustang it is because it pains me to see the label on a car that i can not see one thing that reminds me of what a gto should be. i am not compairing that car with an 05 if i did it would be unfair i love my car to much. i am basing my compairson on a gto a real one, cause that is what that car supposedly is.reguardless what car i drive it has no bearing on my feelings of this wanna be gto.
[quote]ORIGINAL: yellowjacket05

I am not going to try argue every point, but the original GTO is a tempest, is a le mans, is a nova. Do your home work and you'll see that this is the only GTO that has based on a purely performance platform. A 74 GTO is a Ventura which was a pontiac Nova. And compared to other cars the old GTO's had a long option list, but could also be stripped down for performance you are correct.
Would you rather there not be a GTO at all? Aren't you sick of all the BS ricer FWD garbage being sold?
I still believe that this GTO stands on its own proudly and does its heritage proud by spanking the *** of 95% of cars stock for stock and with a rumble and rush that would make a ram air GTO proud.

GTO and Mustang are keeping the flame alive, so lets hope for more muscle in the coming years to get us fired up about!!
-my 34,000.00 worth anyway
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Default RE: Followed a GTO yesterday in.....

i realize that the original GTO was based off of the tempest platform and was basically a suped up lamans. no home work needed but thanks any ways i grew up loving these cars. a 74 gtnova please don't go there bro they are dog ugly IMO and are not a gto either to small ect and should have been labeled some thing else as well. when people think of GTO they think strong powerful MUSCULAR CARS. let me say again MUSCULAR. i am not saying that the new pontiac ins't powerful and it is lager then alot of cars on the market today but it has nothing to do with the herritage of a real GTO. read my post where i said "i don't mind a new GTO comming out" and i was so excited when i heard of this project and thought i would buy a modern GTO over any car untill i saw what they produced. if you are going to remake an legend then DO IT RIGHT. not half *** it don't put a powerful v-8 into and expect people to love it cause you put the emblem on it. don't put a v-8 in a car that looks like it deserves a v-6 make it right. i am sick of ricer front or FWDcars but how sad is it to make a car that should look like it could eat a ricer for lunch into some thing that looks like it should run along side them. i really don't have any more to say about this topic i respect your point of view and i hope you can semi see my point of view as well.
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