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Originally Posted by ht11121991 View Post
I have some weird rattles as well.

1) My E-Brake Rattles. It's the plastic part around the base of it but I don't really know what to do about it...

2) I have a rattle in my dash on the far left (driver's side). Slight pressure makes it stop and it only rattles when it's cold. I assume a piece is contracting due to the weather and rattling and it's so frustrating to know that it is right there and slight pressure stops it but I can't get to it...

Any solutions on these?
I had the same dash rattle and dealer fixed it no big deal then after he sold out it came back and now it is louder and only when when it get cold. New service rep will look at it next time.
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I find it's less time consuming to pinpoint the parts that don't rattle.
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Originally Posted by Racefiend View Post
I find it's less time consuming to pinpoint the parts that don't rattle.
Right, both of them.
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Originally Posted by 07musclemustang View Post
Ok so here is the deal, for the last year there has been this insanely anoying rattle from my car on the passenger side. I always thought it was roof,(convertable) window related. I just had the car in for the second time with them saying im on glue and i took the service manager out for a drive to show him and prove to him its there. Sure enough i even planned a rough road and nope no rattle well a little but not the anoying one thats not normal. I felt so dumb (especially after asking to become an apprentice mechanic there) So frustrated and mad i took the car home and rattle away rattle rattle rattle. I then though well hes a big guy maybe its the door not seeling perfect and rattling so i moved the door striker so tight the door barely closed and yup still there, pulled of just ablout every interior pannel and still there I WAS SO MAD! i hit the passenger seat and sure enough RATTLE i hit it againg and RATTLE pertect thats it and it explains everything!!! I am so relieved ive finally found the source but still a little choked but checked all the fasteners and there tight its a real hollow annoying rattle,
If anyone else is experiencing this let me save the frustration and just hit your passenger seat from the side and listen to the horrible rattle, the drivers side doesnt do it at all.
So i will be going for a follow up interview for a job there on wednesday and have a solution so i dont look so stupid.
Has anyone else had this stupid rattle, or is it just me?
Its annoying , it dosnt sound like its coming from the seat at all (acoustical illusion lol) and yes, all the bolts are tight... I think its the seatback, it just shudders and emits this hollow rattle over bumps...

I know i had something to do with it though lol
I have a very large buddy (350lbs) who frequently rides in the car with me that could have caused it...

Come to think of it , it might have been all those fun times I've had in the front seat with all those ladies since i bought the car that messed the seat up.

ah well.. I'm just waiting for it to break or get a lot worse before i bring it to the dealer... Until then, i think that seat has taken quite a bit of abuse lol.
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Its the passengers seat occupancy sensor.
Its part of the air bag system.
The drivers side does not have one as if the
stang is in motion, most likely there will be a
driver in the drivers seat.
Have the dealer fix it.
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have mine back for the third time. They think I am nuts! I hit the passenger seat to prove it.
When i went back the tech said. That he can get the drivers seat to do the same thing. I told him it doesn't cause my fat *** is sittin in it. I did get him to admit that he hears a rattle. He disassembled the seat and said he tightened everything. He told me no way no how is Ford gonna let him replace the seat. he ordered a seat rail just guessing if it would help. i agreed to let him leave the seat aprt until the fix. It has been lying in pieces on my back seat for a week and a half. Called them today and Oh yeah the parts are in (Thanks for that call) Car goes back on Friday but I aint expectin any results. IT IS NOT THE SEAT RAIL! Since we all have this problem how do we convince Ford to find a frakkin fix? I told the service writer I am tired of turning up the stupid radio to mask it!

Max Bryant
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Yeah I have the upper seat rattle. Just appeared the other day. Im going to fix my problem by getting some racing seats....Besides, the support bars that run vertical in the seat are wearing through the padding and into my back.
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Can you fix the squeak in my dash?
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Originally Posted by Racefiend View Post
I find it's less time consuming to pinpoint the parts that don't rattle.

+1 I have to many rattles to count, some rattles in my dash, center consol and I think there might be one in my head not sure though, LOL. Thats why I'm doing LT's and HF cats, It'll still rattle I just won't here 'em
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well its nothing inside the seat under the leather, the mechanic was the one who "forced" it through the warrantry process. it was the track for the seat, you will notice if it is the same rattle when you push on the manual seat adjust on the passenger seat the rattle almost disapears.
anyways god luck man
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