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Mustangforums Editors 08-06-2009 06:16 PM

1965-2009 Ford Mustang GT Quick History article
Hey guys,

I assume 100% of you didn't have to read that blurb to learn anything new, but the term GT is thrown around quite a bit without considering how much it means to have a true classic in the American garage.

Is it the greatest car America has manufactured? If not, then what is? It didn't start out as, never became, and still isn't the most powerful American car. But its physical features and the feeling you get being in and seeing one is unique and special. Has it gained something more than mechanical that cannot be replicated by any other car in the world?

If you missed the quick read, find it here:

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RedDevilSC 08-08-2009 09:42 PM

Say what you want about the shortcomings of our cars (live axle, crappy interiors, ect.) All I know is people treat me like a rock star just because I happen to drive a red Mustang GT. It's crazy! I really do think these cars have earned an iconic place in automotive history.( Right up there with the Corvette) And sure, my car isn't the fastest by any stretch, but man she sure does turn heads....

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