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I uploaded my breenspeed 91 tune a few weeks ago after trying the 93 tune, it didn;t want to load to start with gave me an incorrect car error or some such. It finalyl loaded and the sct showed all was fine, the car started and drove down the street fine. Stopped at a friends house and turned the car off, came back in a few and it would hardly start and was belching black soot. I reloaded the same tune and it has been fine ever since. Guess the tune didn't load correctly the first time around.
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i "fried" my ecu according to the dealer once. I was uploading a bama tune about a year ago and i forgot that i left either the radio on or my interior light(did it at night) and everything shut off..... Car was completely dead. Had to get it towed to the dealer and wait 3 days for a new pcm.
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I did it. SCT had to recreate the stock files.... It was very scary as the car was in the shop when it happened....
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Data update:

Bricked (by an FRPP tuner) -- yet "re-flashable" by Ford: 1
Bricked (by an SCT XCal2) -- yet "re-flashable" by Ford: 1
Bricked (by an SCT tuner): 1
Bricked (uploading Bama tune, needed new PCM): 1
Erroneous error: 1
Failed to load: 2
Blown fuse: 3
Tune needed reloading due to engine puking: 1

Incorrect vehicle firmware uploaded: priceless

* * * * * * * * * * *

I'm probably going to discontinue collecting data, but continue to read with interest any added info folks provide.

* * * * * * * * * * *

It's no mystery that there's going to be (mostly) error reports here, given how I titled the thread. Duh.

It's also certainly not beyond my automotive tea-cupped brain to know that for every 1 bricked report, there's (?) 50, 100, 500 successful flashes. I don't know the number, nor will I go on searching.

As one poster pointed out in this thread, it's all part of the modding process. (And yeah, I *did* ask for mishaps, and not all the countless great experiences folks have.)

Nonetheless, it's good to know that at least some of the errors are reflashable; and the blown fuse issue was new to me -- I'll file that bit of info for (possible) later use.

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which fuse # is it the one that blows ?
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Originally Posted by doode View Post
which fuse # is it the one that blows ?

Good question, as it may vary by model year.

I found an online diagram and position descriptor of a fuse box from a 2005 Mustang, and it doesn't appear to resemble the 2010 Mustang fuse box.

In the 2010 user manual, position 20 is noted as the "Diagnostic Connector" (and I don't know if this is the one that blows) -- yet this fuse is rated 15A -- and not 10A as described by others who've blown their fuses. None of the blown fuse reports in this thread were from 2010 vehicles, BTW.

On the 2005 model, position 8 is a 10A fuse, and is described as the "Data Link Connector (DLC)". Also, this fuse provides dual protection for the "Cluster" according to the online info.

The 2010 Mustang devotes a sole 15A fuse to the "Diagnostic Connector". So maybe a somewhat common blown fuse problem had been noticed by Ford, and consequently the protection design was altered for the 2010 Model Year. Maybe.

But again, it could be some other fuse entirely that blows for all I know. We'll wait for some of those who've been blown to chime in.

Worst case scenario, you'll have wait until you blow the fuse to find out.

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