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I have just recently encountered this problem with my car. I've had my 2011 GT for almost 2 years and 22,000 miles now. My Ipod nano has been plugged in ever since I bought the car and the USB connectivity has always been flawless. Now, all of a sudden I get the "USB Empty" message when I try to choose USB as the source. I've swapped out the cable and plugged in my IPhone. I also checked to make sure the battery terminals are tight. No matter what I do I still get "USB Empty". Does anyone know what the proper fix is? Or, do I have to take it to the dealer?
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This worked for me with similar - not the same - problem (try the appropriate link for a reset procedure) - Didn't have to to the fuse process. Good Luck

Originally Posted by rogan01 View Post
2012 GT Premium - SYNC died yesterday. Use it a lot for bluetooth/phone/ and playing music from usb port on thumb drive. All other radio functions worked. Called SYNC support and they gave me troubleshooting steps to follow for "reset" and said if they didn't work, would need to take to dealer. Went to car followed steps and they did not work at first. Step 1 was to press the "Phone" icon on the steering wheel and then scroll until I found option they said I should find. Pressing the button once did nothing. Pressed it/held down a few more times and SYNC came back on without doing anything else - had been completely dead on my ride home, turned car on/off, pressed all buttons, etc. Just FYI - in case this helps anyone as I was going to post on here for help if this did not work.
Wondering - Anyone else had to do this or take to dealer for it? Just wondering how common this was (I looked through the SYNC owners manual troubleshooting section but there was nothing in there about it just going out completely)
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Hi, rogan01 -

To clarify, what issue were you experiencing? Were you not getting a response when pressing the voice command button? If so, the first line of troubleshooting would be resetting the system as per SYNC support. Instructions for both systems are below.

Standard radio:


If that doesn't help and you're comfortable will pulling the fuse for SYNC, I recommend saving yourself a trip to the dealer. The fuse panel for your vehicle is located in the lower passenger side area behind the kick panel. Open the trim panel door and remove the fuse cover for access. There will be a fuse pulling tool provided to the left the fuses and relays. The fuse for SYNC is in location 3 and needs to be left out for 3 minutes with the vehicle off.

If you're not comfortable doing this, you dealer can definitely take care of it for you. Let me know what you decide.

In-Vehicle Technology Team

p: 800.392.FORD (Prompts 1 then 3)
t: @FordService @FordMustang @Ford
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Pulling fuse number 3 (interior fuse box), waiting a few minutes and then replacing the fuse fixed my problem.
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Default Sync USB

Originally Posted by FordEngineer View Post
This can happen when your experience a low battery charge state or a recent battery disconnect/reconnect. What has happened is that your APIM (Accessory Protocol Interface Module) was affected by a power 'brownout' and will need to be re-flashed.

If you can, take your vehicle to a Ford-Authorized service center, and have them reference North American TSB #09-14-3. If they have the proper parts/software image to re-flash the APIM, you should be on your way in 30 minutes or so.
Ford Engineer - Would this TSB apply for a 2011?
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I've had to disconnect the battery twice on mine to reset it ( in 60,000 miles). I think you can pull the fuse to sync, haven't tried that yet.
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Originally Posted by USAF in Germany View Post
Will try it again this evening.. gotta walk to work. Right now, the display just says "SYNC Line in" and when I push AUX, nothing happens. I can go through the media setting and select source and choose SYNC USB, but the display responds with "USB empty". Any one of you guys want to vacation in Germany right now?

Thx for the responses.
This same thing just happened to me yesterday. I went through the menu options and had to re-select the input device. Follow these instructions:

The USB port allows users to plug and play their music stored on flash drives and other digital devices through voice-activated commands or by using the MENU.
1. Plug the device into the USB port.
2. Press AUx until SYNC appears.
3. Press MENU to enter the MEDIA MENU, which will appear briefly in the display.
4. Scroll until SElECT SRC appears in the radio display. Press OK to confirm selection.
5. Scroll until SYNC USB appears in the radio display. Press OK to confirm selection.
6. The radio display will show USB CHOSEN to confirm the selection.
The music will then begin to play.
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