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musty ruffler 03-31-2010 11:03 PM

remove rearview mirror?
hi folks,

i have a new rearview mirror ready to swap in but can't figure out how to remove the old one from the existing mount.

to clarify, i'm not looking to cut through the glue, but want to slide the existing mirror arm off its base plate...

SteveB_RET 04-01-2010 05:59 AM

I was worried about breaking the windshield and so I just went by the Dealer's service center and they popped it right off for me.

06elnr 04-01-2010 07:18 AM

it is hard to do! I would go by a glass shop or the dealer and get them to do it.

hawkeye18 04-01-2010 07:31 AM

OP is not talking about removing the base plate. He clearly said he wants to reuse it.

OP, I do not know how to take the mirror off on the S197 specifically. On most Ford mirrors there is either an allen setscrew or a torx screw that holds the arm to the baseplate. On some mirrors there is a plastic cover for this screw that must be found and removed. Hope this helps, sorry I couldn't help more...

incorrigible 04-01-2010 07:23 PM

You need to slide a small flat blade screwdriver in the notch at the base of the windshield mount, press up, and kind of exert some sideways pressure. It's difficult to describe. The metal that wraps around horizontally is like a large leaf spring and clamps it tight on the wedge mounted to the windshield.

It was a PITA but I finally got it to slide off the wedge after fussing with it for about 10 minutes. Be careful though. You don't want a busted windshield. :icon_lol:

musty ruffler 04-01-2010 07:43 PM

Called the closest dealer & they said they'd charge an hourly rate. Went to a glass/tint shop & they didn't know.

How small a screwdriver? I tried with a jeweler's style one but no luck; was pretty gentle, though, all these warnings about windshields got me nervous... You'd think if it can take a pebble at 80mph it'd be safe to take off a mirror, but what do I know?

06elnr 04-01-2010 08:07 PM

Thats why we said it is a p.i.t.a! it takes a good amount of pressure. You can do itbut dont rush it.

musty ruffler 04-02-2010 11:48 PM

Okay, for posterity's sake, I ended up calling three tint shops, four Ford dealerships, and two glass places before I found a glass shop willing to take a look at it.

It turns out that the metal wrapping around the base plate is just a spring clip, NOT the internal clip discussed eg. here: and does not need the two-pronged tool.

The glass guy used a regular old hook tool and a little scrap of rubber as a base to release tension on one side enough that he could just roll it off. First time he tried rolling it off without the hook tool, the mirror popped out of the ball socket. He also didn't charge me, perhaps related to the fact that we were talking cars & his son owns an '07 Saleen.

Anyway, I now have a wide angle mirror installed and easy access for my next little project. I'll take a photo of the mirror mount for future search-ers when I find my charger.

incorrigible 04-03-2010 09:38 AM

Originally Posted by musty ruffler (Post 6920544)
It turns out that the metal wrapping around the base plate is just a spring clip

That's what I said in my post above. :icon_toast:

157dB 04-03-2010 11:55 AM

Too much BASS will pop it off as well....

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