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can u guys try to help the guys? lol ive wondered the same thing as sometime its a little hard to on on out cars.

no offense to anyone buy threads get so offf topic this way
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Norm Peterson
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Originally Posted by Paulejr13 View Post
no offense to anyone buy threads get so offf topic this way
Threads drift from the original post a bit because in many cases the whole story is not known from the get-go, and the best solution may be somewhat different from what the OP has fixed his mind on (trust me, we all do this from time to time). In this case, OP's background probably suggests employing electronic solutions to all sorts of little problems where other members might not think that way at all.

Apparently, the problem situation here isn't readily avoidable, which we didn't know right off either. Then again, a parking sensor - or even a pair of cameras wired to a display for that matter - isn't going to help prevent scrapes and dings from happening due to other drivers' carelessness.

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Default Aftermarket Backup Sensors

I installed some aftermarket backup sensors.
Attached is the how to.
Buy kit from Amazon for under $20.00. The Red is almost a perfect color match.
Tools needed Drill, small drill bit for pilot hole, punch, very small screwdriver, Knife / razor blade, 3 of main line drip tubing, 7/16 deep socket for removing the tail lights, zip ties, painter tape, tape measure, marker to mark the hole locations, alcohol swab, 1 T-Tap connection, Wire Crimping Tool and Red solderless connections.
Make sure the floor is level
From the crease in the bumper to the floor on my car was 26 (see Detail)
Find the middle of the bumper I used the trunk latch as my center point.
I measured out 11 and 28 from center and up 23 from bumper to floor. (See Detail)
Use a punch to mark the holes then use a small drill to make a pilot hole. Drill holes with included drill bit.
You might need to clean up the holes with a knife.
You will need to remove the trunk plastic liner to get to the rear tail lights.
To fish the sensor wire through the hole and up to the rubber grommet I used a 3 of main line drip tubing.
Make sure the sensors are pointing up you will see a lip on the sensor and the opposite is smooth. Position the sensor that the smooth part is at the bottom. (See Detail)
Insert the sensors into the bumper you will need a very small screwdriver to push the clear rubber tabs into the bumper. That will hold the sensor in place.
Feed the wires through the rubber grommet you will need to cut an X in. The small grommet is located behind the tail lights. Do not try to go through the tail lights wiring harness. (See Detail)
I used a T-Tap clip to get the + and it was from the drivers side backup wire. In the main break light wiring harness in my car that wire was an Green/Orange color and I attached the (Double check to make sure that is the +, to the bolt for ground. (See Detail).
I installed the display piece under the drivers upper side with the amplifier facing the driver. I used zip ties to secure it to a wire loom. I an using this only for audible sound. This make a chirping sound and get more raped the you get closer to get to an object and finely a steady tone for a foot away.
Fished the display wire on the driver side tucking it under the carpet. Had to remove the back seat and used the drip tubing to fish it through to the truck area.
To mount the sensor module I cleaned the area with an alcohol swab and used the provided double sided tape to attached the Sensor module. (See Detail for location.)
I used zip ties and electrical tape to clean up the wires to make it look neat.
Should not take more than an hour to install.
Attached Files
File Type: pdf How to Back up Sencers.pdf (1.69 MB, 62 views)
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Originally Posted by Nuke View Post
Being an older forum member, I LEARNED how to drive and park...

And you let someone else drive your Stang? Wow.
Easy Rod...
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Originally Posted by ThaiCobra View Post
Easy Rod...
I did this for my 16-year-old that just received his licence. He needs all the help he can get in his 05 mustang. Maybe someone is in the same boat my son is in.
Coming from Ferrari Chat we always encouraged how to's on fixing Ferrari's yourself. This is an easy fix. I use my backup sensors all the time with my Chevy quad cab with a 7-foot bed, that I have to back in parking spaces.
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Look for a pair of "curb Feelers". Very big in like, the 50's.
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Originally Posted by 2cokeman View Post
but why?? Just don't let her drive it!! Thats what I do.
I use that same tactic.
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