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Default My 2006 Mustang iPad Install

I'm new to the forums here and mustang ownership in general. I don't like joining forums without contributing anything so here is my ipad install notes and thoughts. I have had my mustang for only a couple of months now but I'm totally in love.

Features: GPS w/live traffic, 3G Internet, Streaming Radio, Onboard Diagnostics, iTunes, App Store, High Resolution Screen, Video, Youtube, Email, Calendar, Contacts, and Much More.

Why I did it: The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the iPad was this is the car system I have been waiting for. The other DVD/GPS systems were ugly, glitchy, slow, and had very low resolution screens. Also I have always dreamed of having internet in my car for traffic updates, restaurant reviews, and everything else. The iPad also gave me a chance to go diskless in my car. We have been diskless at home for a while now so it was only natural to get rid of that dated CD player and FM radio. The last reason was cost. I looked into installing a carputer or a high end dvd/GPS unit but to get all the features I wanted it was going to cost $$$$. With the iPad I could get wifi, GPS, iTunes, Video, Apps, 3G internet, etc... all for $699 or so.

What was needed: At first I was just running the iPad off of an old sony deck that was stuffed behind the unit. This was never meant to be permanent but did workout ok. But in order for me to be happy with the project it couldn't be half assed and I wanted a standalone system. I decided to run the iPad directly from a 4 channel amplifier. I used a headphone splitter and then two headphone to RCA adapters to run to the amp. Then wired the four cabin speakers to the amp. This worked pretty good but it had a couple of draw backs, the biggest being volume control. Because all of the buttons are inaccessible I had to use the ipod app volume slider to control volume for the entire unit. So if I was listening to Pandora and I wanted to change the volume I would have to close the app open the ipod app change the volume and than return to Pandora. This was a pain but manageable. I decided I needed volume control and an equalizer so I got a 3Sixty.2 from Rockford Fosgate. This gave me everything I wanted and more. I also wanted to be able to run diagnostics on the ipad monitoring my boost, engine temp, WHP, etc... So I bought a Plex Kiwi Wifi and the Rev2 App. This is really cool.

Is it Removable: Kind-of.... If I really need to I can remove it in under 3 min. (I did time it). But it was meant to be an in-dash only system. I had only seen two other iPad installs in a car both were removable and both looked cheap. I didn't want to plug and unplug, I just want to get in and drive!

Pros: Awesomeness!!! The iPad was made for the car, GPS works way better than expected and real time traffic and construction updates are amazing! Streaming Radio is also amazing I have yet to loose signal with AT&T Pandora rocks. The screen looks great even in direct sunlight, I do have tinted windows so I think that helps a lot.

Cons: Over heating! On most day's it is not an issue, however on exceptionally hot days if I forget to put up my sun vizor the ipad does over heat. After about 5min with AC on it is fine. Again this can be avoided by just remembering to put up a sun vizor witch is good for your interior anyway. I am worried about theft but I park in a garage most of the time and I have a top of the line security system installed. Like I said before it's no different than having a $700 system in your car.

Must have Apps: If you install an iPad like this you must Jailbreak. Rev2, Pandora, State Farm Insurance App, Full Force (a jail break app that allows full screen iphone apps on ipad), 3G unrestrictor.

Let me know if anyone has any questions!


Sorry about the video the roads were a little rough .
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well that is a great idea...thinking about it, its cheaper than an in dash does everything the same plus has 3g
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Wow, i never thought about doing this but that is by far the coolest thing i have seen on this forms as far is technology integration goes in quite a while. I really regret buying my $500 clarion headunit even though its pretty nice too.
How did you install it? custom fiberglassing?
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you sir.

are welcome to these forums, congrats on the coolest head unit mod i've ever seen.

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Dude, that is absolutely sick. I'm not a car audio guy (necer had anything more than stock), but the potential for diagnostics and tuning with that setup are just amazing. Kudos.
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Yea man that looks awesome and a great idea for a alternative too high priced head units. The only thing i would question is the at&t network as i have an iphone and I get no service in many places while driving on vacation. Do u have a stock stereo in ur car or is that the shaker 500 or 1000

ONce again awesome idea and what a clean install
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I so want to do this to my 06 after seeing the video. AWESOME!!!!
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Very cool. Now I just have to wait for the Android tablets to have 3g . . .

Should give us a bit more info about what you used to build the housing.
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That's a brilliant idea but how is it using the wifi and gps?
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I love it! but if Im dropping that kinda cash I would want it to be easily removable that I could use in the house or in class or something
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