The S197 style Mustang has been out for 5 years now -

2005-2014 Mustangs Discussions on the latest S197 model Mustangs from Ford.

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Default The S197 style Mustang has been out for 5 years now

Is everyone happy with their car? Has it been what you hoped for? This upcoming mid October I will have owned my GT/CS for 3 full years and am so happy with it. This is the car I wanted. There isn't another car I wish I had. I still think they are the best looking cars on the road.

I give Ford high marks for restyling this car starting in 2005 and refining it since then. I'm glad I own a Mustang. I always want the newest one that comes out each year with the new refinements but, I don't have that kind of money. So, as of right now I have about 78,000 miles in 3 years and am ready to put many more miles on it!
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I haven't been disappointed by this car at all myself except the usual, wish it had an independent rear... Other than that I just love it.
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its been like four years now with 22,000 miles. i love my mustang gt (gt500) i wouldnt trade it for a real one, cuz there all over the place and yet mines not real but it unique
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I've owned and driven all years and flavors of Mustangs continuously since high school. Never been without one. I graduated in 1968 so I've been a very long-time Mustang guy.

The S197, especially the GT, is by far the best Mustang ever built.

Better quality, performance, handling and design than any other generation Mustang ever built.
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Happy...OH HELL 'YA !! Hoped For... OH HELL 'YA !!

It's a KEEPER..!!!!
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My current 06 GT is my 2nd Mustang and yes, I plan on keeping it a long long time!
Got it paid off couple months ago and I'll finish modding it to where I want sometime next year then I'm start hunting for a clean fox body convertible cruiser!
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I absolutely LOVE my Mustangs! The s197 body style is sweet and as close to retro as you can get, BUT the SN95 is a very close second in the aesthetics department. I have a New Edge, SN95, and s197 and the SN95 continues to catch my eye frequently.

I did think the s197 GT's were going to be faster than they actually are, but after owning one I can see a Supercharger is where I'm going to have to go in order for it to be "fast" without beating the dogsh!t out of it.
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25,000 happy miles
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I also like the 1998 body style, smooth flowing lines...that one is my daily driver. I have 165,000 miles on it with only a clutch and fuel pump change.

As for the S197, my 2008 is my toy car and only gets driven on the weekends (7000 miles). Not a fan of the new body shape, so even more happier about mine

PS. My son is 3 months old now, and he even loves the car. Guess it will be his 16'th birthday present. Now what other car can you think like that with??

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I was thinking about this last night when I was buffing and waxing my car... I have been really wanting a c6 vette/03 cobra, but the more I look at them, the more I think ****. There is no way I could trade this car for anything. I absolutely love it. 43k miles since Jan. 4, 2007. Pretty sure I'll be paying cash for my next car and keeping this till the day I die. S197 FTW!
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