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Originally Posted by pascal View Post
You'd be surprised though...
The grudge is with the Brits actually, lol.
That's where we get the "Frog" name and all.

Frenches and Germans are actually good friends and it's been that way for a while.
After WW2, Germany did a very good job to dissociate from the crazy ***** and kept that until today (despite the few skinheads @ssholes etc...).
In modern times, the best alliance France ever had is with Germany as Sarkozy and Merkel continue to show that.

The fact that I stated that German cars are overpriced and not reliable anymore (mostly BMW and Benz) is simply true, not me having a grudge against that Nation.
I'm also aware that they were the most reliable with the Japmobiles up until the 90s...
It went downhill after that and now Mercedes is ranked bellow GM!! LOL. It's a shame actually.

Lastly, if it looks like I was an *** towards you, it wasn't my intention so I apologize...
The "ultimate driving machine" statement made me laugh.
The Americans (to no fault of their own) only know about Bimmers and Mercedes mostly, when it comes to European cars but I can think of plenty of other Euro brands (not sold here) that can handle as good or better than zee Bimmer and for cheaper as well.
Starting with Alpha Romeo, Lancia, Renault, Peugeot etc...
No need to apologize, this is the internet. LOL I was a little surprised that it was you Pascal that jumped on my comment, but no worries.

I agree with you about the quality of Mercedes, but I have heard better things about BMW. I know a few people that have them and have no quality issues to speak of, but they all say that they will never keep one past the warranty period... too expensive to repair.

To be honest, I haven't been in a BMW in a decade. So my experience with them is mainly in the 90s and reading about them since then in magazine articles. The M series always interests me, but they are priced much more than I would pay for one.

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Note:Haven't read the whole thread

I was wandering around at the rolex 24hr race today at daytona and happened to come up to a zl1. I walked up to the guy and started talking to him about the car because a buddy has a '10 SS with a maggy and a comp bumpy stick on about 9psi @650rwhp. I non chalantly asked him how he thinks it would fare with the new gt500. He brings up the boss and zl1 comparison that recently took place and how it stomped it. Then paused for a second, and started talking hp numbers. In his own words, he stated that it's probably going to kick the zl1's butt up and down the street. He says it should be put up against the ZR1 and that it would be the correct territory to compare it to. The guy was pretty cool about it all and said the gt500 is just going to be in a different category compared to the zl1.

I was incredibly shocked at his answer, which was very honest IMO especially from a chevy rep! Cool guy to talk with. Just thought I would share...Not trying to create any hate or controversy.
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So the boys at GM essentially took a corvette and put a camaro body around it...WOW! Im not impressed at all.
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