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Mustang GT or Corvette (base model)

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Originally Posted by xkape View Post
If you are willing to spend 50k on a stock vette, why not spend that money on a fully decked out gt500 or Roush stage 3? Then you have a car that could smoke that base vette.
I think its all about style for me. I do not like the looks of the vette. Never have. But, that's just me. And for each of me theres a guy who hates the look of Mustangs and loves his vette.
GT500 is still a Mustang.
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I traded my '07 Vette for a '12 Boss 302. The Boss is easier to get in and out of plus our dog is too big to fit in the Vette with my wife and I. She(our dog) takes up all of the back seat.
The first time I drove the Boss I did not feel that it had the "push you back into the seat factor" as the Corvette, but I have gotten over that. It sounds great and I haven't even removed the baffles yet. For me it is more fun to drive.
Since I brought up the average age of Corvette owners, I guess I am reverting to my childhood. I have the TracKey and the lopey idle does take me back to the "60's." My first Mustang was a new '67 V8 coupe.
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Originally Posted by Entaille View Post
I cross shopped a 2008 LS3 LT3+ vette vs a Mustang. the vette definitely won in the performance department but it lacked in comfort, practicality and visibility. I wanted an all around good performance car and I didn't want to deal with the visibility for the most part.

the mustang won me over. drive both - you'll know what you will want.
I just wanted to add another part : the mustang is just easier to drive harder as well. the corvette will sneak up and bite you in the *** if you aren't careful. I nearly went sideways a couple of times on the test drive. don't get me wrong, it was exciting, but you really have to feather the throttle and ease into it in the first few gears, depending on conditions etc.

I know we all like to think we're awesome drivers but I have no problems admitting that I prefer a car that is easier to keep under control. confidence adds performance in my eyes.
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Originally Posted by luckydawg003 View Post
Get a used corvette and if you can swing it get a Z06. I passed on getting a 405 hp 04 Z06 because I didn't like that body style and hate the pop up headlights. I will probably end up getting an 05+ body style some day since I love that body style and the C6 engine making 435 hp.

Test drive both and see what fits best.
The z06 isn't reliable unless you replace the lower end of the engine. It can't handle many power adders on the stock block. I know many vette owners that make 500+ to the wheels and that was the first mod they all did minus exhaust. They said an ls2 or 3 is the safe route to go for a daily.
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Originally Posted by 07BLACKGT View Post
Used Z06 all day. I'd take a 5.0 over the base model vette.
This! Except I have kids, so need back seat. Also daily drive through Michigan winters. Mustang is better in the snow.
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The Mustang, IMO, is a much better quality per dollar car than the Corvette. The C6 generation is a very **** port designed generation and a lot of Corvette owners agree. The C5 generation is still looked upon as one of the best generations for the Vette. The C6 has a powerful motor and great transmission but very cheaply made interior components (which most owner have large complaints about breaking) and poor electrical systems (again which a lot of owners complain about).

While the Corvette is a stunning looking piece of ingenuity when you break it down it's just an over priced piece of plastic that has a poor resale value vs initial investment, probably worst among American sports cars. A 50k vette is worth 20k or less in 10 years while a 35k Mustang still pulls 20k in 10 years.

Now the new Mustang is a little over priced IMO and while I own both generations of the S197 platform I'm more prone to the 05-09 models. The redesign just doesn't flow as well overall but still turns heads none the less. The main advantage is the boost in power and slight boost in MPG.

I've been extremely satisfied with the quality of all the parts with all my Mustangs much better compared to that of a Corvette, and believe me I looked at a few Vettes when I bought my newest cars but was turned off by the poor part quality of the C6s.

All in all I believe the Mustang is the better investment, hence why it's all I own now.
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its n competition, mustangs are way nicer than corvettes, and you can customize the mustang way more
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and you get a much better $ value for mustangs
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I'm one of the older guys here and have had a ton of cars,starting with my new 73 Z/28,a few Trans Ams and a lot of Corvettes.There is still a certain mystique about driving a Corvette,but in my eyes they always seemed fragile,and sat for weekend sunny day drives.My new GT is without a doubt the most all around ENJOYABLE car I have ever owned,and a lot of bang for the buck,so I really don't worry about running it hard and it will be an everyday driver.I have 2 garage queens now,I just wanted a fast,good looking car that I can drive like I stole it.
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