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Default Finallly saved up for exhaust

Ok bare with me it's long. Ok so I just got out of school and I'm working I saved up an I know what i want. I want an offroad h pipe and either slp loudmouths or pypes pype bomb, like are there different loudmouths?I want it kinda loud, can yaw help me an show me like a site where I can order either of these I'm lost. And is that all I need to order to get put on? Which muffler will sound the best, and I won't a site that has a good deal on all of this. Thanks guys I really need your help
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if you have your stock exaust manifolds still hooked up then you need to be carefull in what off road h pipe you choose because some are ment for long tube headers. i'm pretty sure if you look up an h pipe for shorty headers it will be the same as if you were to hook it up to your stock exaust manifold but i would double check on that. you could always call american muscle for that. for your mufflers i've heard the slp loudmouths are bada$$. i'm currently running long tubes to off road catted h-pipes- to 3 inch strait pipe all the way back with no mufflers and its loud. i live in CA and even here there is no law about having to have mufflers on your car(but you will get a ticket if your cars to loud). having strait piping installed is alot cheaper then having mufflers installed becasue mufflers can be exspensive
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The H-pipe i don't have experience with swapping out, i've got a similar setup as russell except i just had a shop take my stock mufflers and cut the muffler off then weld a pipe and an 18 inch long 3 inch rolled tip to the peice that clamps on so that if i decide to get a muffler later on i can just swap it myself. I actually just had them put the tips on and it was about 100 bucks for the tips, but the shop initially cut the mufflers off then welded pipe in where the muffler was between the stock tip and the back section of pipe, that was origianlly like 75 bucks so it really was chep in retrospect. And it sounds AWESOME, i would point out that going to a 3 in tip thats 18 in long made a big difference in the sound quality ( deeper and more mellow ). Either way if you go with loudmouths or straight it should sound sweet.
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cheap h pipe can be had at jegs or summit for about 150
or pypes is about 180

with an o/r midpipe, i would not go with a muffler delete, unless you want to sound like a garbage truck.
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Originally Posted by onederful100 View Post
cheap h pipe can be had at jegs or summit for about 150
or pypes is about 180

with an o/r midpipe, i would not go with a muffler delete, unless you want to sound like a garbage truck.
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