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Originally Posted by X3xMONGOOSEx3X View Post
What on earth are you speaking of?

What I want to know is does this video have version that is 10 seconds longer? LOL
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If that "Thing" is the new mustang, I will be keeping my 08 GT 500 and 11 GT forever.
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IMO the essence of the styling for the current mustang captures the profile of a horse in full stride. when you look a the bulges and proportions of the car. I hope the designers dont go away from that. and yes that concept does look like an import.
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Its really all up to us guys.
Remember back in the 80's when Ford was going to replace the fox bodied Mustang with a new sleeker front wheel version that was going to share the same structure/engine with the Mazda MX6 & 626. The GT was originally going to get the 626's 2.0 turbo 4 banger. When the general public caught wind back around 1987 that Ford was planning to get rid of the rear wheel drive V8's and replace them with Japanese designed front wheel drive 4 cylinder cars, current mustang sales began to rise, especially V8's.
With fuel prices beginning to drop and a massive letter writing campaign from Mustang enthusiast's Ford relented and renamed the new mustang, Probe. And the Ford Probe made its dubut in 1988 chicago's car show as a 1989 model and the Mustang continued on......

maybe we'll see history repeating itself again?
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NOPE, ruined!
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Looks a bit like an Aston Martin. Guess Ford is aiming to make it more of a world sport car and aiming for more euro appeal. Anyway, dont be thrown off by that concept. Its 3 years out, and nothings real or materialized yet.
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it's a sharp looking car....just doesn't look like a Mustang should...
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Cool 2015 Mustang styling commentary

2015 Mustang styling

Let's start at the front:

The hood shape isn't that different from S197 now, look at where the curve down toward the bumper starts. They even have the rasied center section of the hood, granted I think it's too narrow at the front but the concept is okay. If they go with a less steep V shaped angle on that it will have a good carry over from the S197 design.

They captured that GT500/2010 + grille shape beautifully while still staying true to the new Taurus and Fusion "Aston" look. The fog lights probably need to be revised some because they are meant to play off the shape of the agressive projector head lights. Those lights are a bit too "un-mustang" like and carry too much design cues of the Focus. They should probably be less swept into the fender and a bit taller (they did this to share the existign lights with Focus most likely) but they don't work with that grille very well. I think they should also have the turn markers on the inner corner like current S197's do.

The lower fascia is very good actually, though I think the opening below the bumper needs to be larger and will give it a more Mustang like look. The bumper probably needs to be a bit more protruding too, since there's not really much overhang.

Front fender and wheel arches look okay, but the body accent line on the top and bottom of the doors is excellent, really speaks to the Mustang crowd. Though I don't think the subtle line that dips down just below the windo works, I'd just carry the fender line all the way back straight across the door. The window pillars and quarter windows are very good also, almost a direct carry over of the "fast back" look.

The rear quarter panel works well, but the rear wheel arches are a bit too heavy for me (bulges too much), cut those back by about 25% and you strike a nice balance. The tail lamp shape is good and not all that different than current S197, just a shorter profile. They probably wrap around a bit too far for "Mustang", but it could be tolerated. I'd prefer to terminate the length about 2" short of what they are now and shorten up the deck lid lens with the pony logo (narrow it about 25%). A really cool design element would be to have that pony emblem back lit or glow from behind that lens (super awesome concept). LED tail lights are the future and I welcome it, just tint the lenses about 20% smoked and those will be very sweet looking tail lights. Though I don't think they should have that "race track" LED outline. That copies Dodge too much and I think they can achieve the same concept with some red or orange pin striping type technique around the perimeter.

The rear valence is a bit too large for me, bring the trunk down further and drop the valence 2" and you'll strike a nice balance. I totally dig the rear window, but I'm worried that the rake is too steep for rear passengers. One of the best things abou the S197 is that full sized adults can sit in the back and won't hit their head on the windows (limited leg room not withstanding). My boys (age 3 & 6) love to ride in my Steed and I'd want that to be possible for years to come when I buy the next Mustang (hopefully one like this).
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The Ford logo on the front needs to go, but it's the best one yet in my opinion.
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