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That was a "well done" review. It seems as though all the reviews i read all say the same thing, the ZL1 is more refined and easier to get along with car and the GT500 is a rough around the edges but, it's mighty power is so gratifying that all it's faults could be overlooked. I agree, the rest of the car could be tweeked to perform better. The rear end seems to be the biggest let down on the mustang....I wouldn't mind a IRS but, it has to be built beefy enough to handle hard launches. Remember the older Cobras that had the IRS....most people swapped that out for a solid axle due to IRS failures. The next gereration mustang is supposed to have a IRS...let's hope it's better quality then the old Cobra's IRS. Chevy builds a good IRS system, you could hard launch the crap out of a vette and the rearend never breaks....Ford needs to copy their system! I guess the next big problem is the GT500s rear tire is to small....I read somewhere that Ford engineer said they won't put a bigger tire on the back of the mustang because it unbalances the handling....I say, how much worse can it be....put a bigger fu*kin back tire on all the mustangs. A lot of us roast our rear tires when we first buy our new mustangs just so we could replace the rear tires with a larger tire. Now, the last complaint is the brakes, they work good enough for me...the car stops when I want it to! There's all sorts of aftermarket brake systems for these cars and most of the GT500s faults could be modified with aftermarket parts. The GT500 has an engine/tranny combination that is perfect and these parts are the most important parts of the car....this makes a good starting platform and the rest of the car could be modified or taylored to the owner's specs with aftermarket parts. Anyways, that was good a review and both cars are awesome. Great post OP.

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It sucks that even with all the extra power the camero still beat it on the road course.
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So once again the Camaro is the better in the corners.
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What's this? Did someone say the ZL1 is slightly more stable in corners?

Ohhhhk, since that's what we care about when buying a $55k muscle car.

Too bad ZL1 owners have already been getting walked on by intake/tune Bosses on the highway lololo

. . not to mention the GT500, which has ~100 more hp and weighs ~300 lbs lighter for the same price as the ZL1. . and runs 9's with bolt-ons.

Meanwhile, John Doe over here in his 5.0 GT on 7 psi is hanging even with ZR1 vettes.

Call me a fanboy, but TO FORD:
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Mr. Harris seems to be misinformed. He thinks the ZL1 engine is a "de-tuned" ZR1 engine, when in fact the ZR1 has a proper rotating assembly and the ZL1 is indeed a similar 6.2L supercharged v8, but only has hypereutectic cast aluminum pistons, not forged, like the ZR1. However, I d agree with him about the GM shifters. They're quite sloppy.

I'd also like to point out that in the hands of Randy Pobst, the GT500 is faster by half a second around Laguna Seca, not just in a straight line.
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Best comment he made, while in the Mustang:

'Never has a car spoke to me so clearly and said.. Turn the traction control off, turn the traction control off!'

I think he nailed it, his other comment 'An Engine looking for a Chassis' - That will **** off straight liners, but folks wanting to get one and work the suspension to have an American-Made and personally modified Supercar know what he meant. IRS may **** some off but it will be the icing on the Mustang in the next 1-2 years..

Yes Randy does a much better job at the track when testing cars.. I take this brit's input as a well balanced 'daily driver' input. I take Randy's input for true track knowledge and input. Randy still says generally the same thing, he just cranks out better times and makes the most of that 650.. Err 662.. Eerrr 671? (I did hear the brit here, say 671? The # just keeps going up at the crank?)

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