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Buchez09GT 03-11-2013 08:04 AM

Abnormal tire wear question
Hey y'all.
Last time I was in for an oil change, about 5k miles ago, the guys at shop brought me out on floor (this is usually not a good thing) and showed me my front passenger tire. It had some really bad wear on the inside tread and said that it needed an alignment blah blah blah so I said lets check it out. The front drivers side had some minor wear on the inside but that could have been due to the tires being rotated etc... Indeed it was out of wack and I had them fix it. Tehy showed me the before and after and I was happy. I have a feeling that whatever happened, happened when I hit this ugly pothole on the highway.
Yesterday I washed the car and pulled the wheels off to get the insides clean. While doing this I was checking the tires out for any road debris like, nails, glass, rocks, etc.. and I saw that I am still getting wear on that same tire. Matter of fact its down to the inner rubber "oh sh** zone" in a couple spots.
Im going to have them check the alignment again and hope that its off once more. My fear is either a broken strut or even worse, somethings bent. Are there any quick and dirty ways to tell if the strut busted when I hit that pothole?
The car and tires only have 30k on them. They are the original ones that came from the factory.

jpplaw 03-11-2013 08:45 AM

Probably not a strut, but it could be bad ball joints or tie rod ends or both. I had bad balljoints at 30-35k on my 2009. Replaced with GT500 LCA's. Then had bad tie rod ends at 60k. Replaced with Moog ends.

Wear on the inside of a tire is too much negative camber.
Feathered tire wear toward the inside or outside means a bad toe setting.
Cupped tire wear means a bad strut.

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