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For what it's worth, I drive a semi and my Mustang seemed tiny when I bought it. Now it seems just about perfect in size. It's not a boat and it's not some cheesy little Smart car...
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Go test drive the camaro! LOl!
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hey OP, if it helps you might back into parking spots, unbuckle, open the door a bit and lean out some looking back, and you can get a far better view of where you are in a spot. I do this alot at work where the curb is low enough to scrape my chin spoiler so I back in.
And for the rear pillar, adjust your mirrors out away from the car a bit. I got rear window covers which makes a HUUUGE blind spot and this helps as there is no reason to look at the side of the car in the mirrors and it covers my blind spot this way.

you'll get used to the car quickly, GOOD LUCK!

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I had to adjust to the size and visibility of the mustang too. Coming from a 1980's hatchback, it was night and day. The size you get used to pretty quick. Just gotta remember the nose is long and the rear is short

To help with visibility I installed a license plate camera (was gonna do it anyways) and have small convex mirrors in the corners of my side mirrors like the 2011+s have. (let the judging begin). These things aren't NEEDED and i did fine without them but they definitely help and make daily driving easier.

edit: oh yea, in terms of the quarter windows...those dont' even get's a pointless. I just use my mirrors(that's where the convex mirror come into play). I've almost run over padestrians cause those bastards hide in my A-pillar all the time. I've learned check the A pillar area by looking through the windshield and then moving my head to the side and looking out the side window just to make sure.

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The hood is massive, but you will get use to it. If it is really a big problem for you, you can get front and rear parking assist installed for a fairly cheap price. Good luck and welcome to the forum.
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Pretty much echo all the sentiments here but I'll add that my younger sister has and had a couple of Hyundai's. Something I'd personally never have. They certainly feel like a totally different class of vehicle and I understand what you are saying. As with any vehicle you will get accustomed to the size. I'd recommend picking up some traffic cones, going with a friend of family member you trust to an empty parking lot and practicing the parking thing with the cones. Churches are great during the week and schools during the weekend. The cones can simulate cars. Also, make sure that your side mirrors are properly adjusted. I used to adjust mine wrong like every other person I know until I took a class for a speeding ticket. One thing I gleaned was proper mirror adjustment to avoid blind spots and now there's no such thing as a blind spot! From a driving position, each mirror should be adjusted out until they are just past the point where you cannot see any of the side of your car without leaning slightly in the direction of said mirror.
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If it makes you feel any better, my transition was from a Mazda Miata to a Mustang lol

Bottom line, just as most folks here have already said, you'll get used to it. It's certainly much (MUCH) bigger than my previous car, I've lost a little visibility due to the larger/higher engine compartment and hood scoop, and I can't easily see the ground all around me anymore, but by taking my time and quadruple checking mirrors for the first few days whenever maneuvering, I settled in in just a few days. Gauging the size of the vehicle in relation to where you are and your position in the car will come with time.
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Originally Posted by moosestang View Post
Go test drive the camaro! LOl!
Or a Challenger!
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Originally Posted by iamzatch View Post
Hey guys, I'm buying a Mustang v6 in a few months. I went on a test drive at my dealer this weekend, and I have some questions.

I'm coming from a tiny hyundai 4-door compact car.. getting in the mustang, it felt like a huuuuge car on the road. The windows seemed small, and the frame supports on the right and left side of the windshield seemed to really block my view.

Is it easy to adjust to the size of the car?

I didn't even dare park it in a parking spot because I couldn't tell how far I was away from the car in front of me. Now, I do have an eye condition which makes it difficult to see depth but this thing seemed massive on the road.

Going from a 98HP hyundai to a 305HP mustang was nuts though... wow is all I have to say about that.
As with any machine, if you operate it long enough, you will get use to it. You will eventually learn every bit of it's dimension down to the centimeter and it will be a part of you. I've driven 36 ton death machines to 300lb motorcycles and it's all the same. With enough time and attention to detail, you will BECOME ONE WITH THE MACHINE is offline   Reply With Quote
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Originally Posted by iamzatch View Post
Essentially, I mainly look out of one eye and focus with one eye at a time, and the other eye sometimes floats around, or I can use it peripherally. So, only get focus from one eye, the other eye doesn't communicate with the brain, and thus no depth information. It's easy to drive once I know the vehicle, like my current car, I can park it just fine, but since I was in a new car it was difficult at first.
You have lazy eye (amblyopia). So do I. I have no depth perception.

I test drove a Challenger and loved the car but it felt more challenging (no pun intended...really!) than the mustang. The Mustang felt like "my car" the first time I drove it. I did have to get out of it to see how close I was to things to learn how to park it.

I drove a Taurus before the Mustang and an Explorer before that and learned to drive all of them, and never hit anything because of depth perception. I just stress out about tight spaces more than I need to. I underestimate distances, which has got to be better than overestimating.
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